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Photos of Low Attendance at This Weekend’s TNA Live Events from Stadiums In Kentucky

– Most of TNA’s BaseBrawl stadium shows this summer have had reports of low attendance. The same goes for this past Friday’s live event at Louisville Slugger Field in Louisville, KY and Saturday’s event at Whitaker Bank Ballpark in Lexington. Below are photos from the Louisville event and the Lexington event.

TNA Louisville 2

TNA Louisville 1

TNA Lexington 1

  • CC

    being half as good as it is now is hardly a glowing reference, seeing as its still a fraction of what it used to be.

  • Eric Wescott

    I went last year, when TNA was half as good as it is now, and there were twice as many people. Trust me it was because of the weather.

  • Will Henderson

    it was gonna have low attendance anyway, rain or shine.

    TNA needs to cut their loses and stop doing house shows and let their talent work indy events during the weekend.

  • Eric Wescott

    Yeah, I live in Lexington and it rained all F’ing day, and it was at a ballpark. Stevie frigging Wonder could see why nobody was there, dumb@$$e$