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  • Iliyarox

    Hey guys I think he completley looks disgusting and weird.The beard doesnt suit him and so does not the mask.Anyway why would he make his head bald and why did he make his head bald.He looks STUPID

  • jellyfish

    Yeah I totally agree with “Jay Groon” about appreiciating CM Punk and his character! He plays a heel better than anybody on Smackdown! I think they should have another superstar like Rey Mysterio, Shad or Vance Archer join the S.E.S. That way it will expand Straight Edge Society!

  • Andrew

    agreed with Jay Groon big-time!

  • Jim


    Someone gets something around here.

  • Jay Groon

    Anyone that can’t appreciate CM Punk and what he is doing with his character and how he is going about it, are just a bunch of weird/dumb marks. Everything from his character (he is true to it, He really is straight edge) to his wrestling style is all very much “old-school” and is very refreshing.

    Also his work on the mic is amazing, and he can make ANYONE hate him. I feel he plays a much better heel than face IMO and is one of the best heels going in wrestling right now.

  • Jim

    I like how you misquoted me & used only half of what I said.

    Dumb ass.

  • Gigan

    lol. gimp mask.

  • erik

    Reminds me of axe and smash old mask they wore to ring in late80’s early90’s

  • me

    good character ? LOL more like a joke

  • Jim

    Wow. No one can ever be happy with good character development & actually giving a heel heat.

  • Treg

    Reminds me of El Generico

  • baddog_1_2k

    mask look stupid they either need to add a really talent to SEC or end it Luke and whats her face are just background they add nothing.

  • me

    this whole cm punk crap is old get rid of luke and that bald thing that they claim is a woman make punk earn his pay check instead of running his mouth that’s the miz job

  • kriskooo

    the beard suits him….still think he has to shave his chest thought…

  • Andrew

    is it bad this reminds me of Delirious? o.o

  • Mabry

    Captain America with beard…. looks cool btw….

  • paxton

    hey punk cheer up oh by the way ask for a rematch so if rey loses he has to pull the mask off and join your sec.