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Photos of New WWE Dev. Diva & Magic Dancer Trinity McCray!

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  • Harry

    picture 15 would be the best if that stupid handrail wasn’t in the the way

  • Kakkyslim

    This girl is beautiful and very talented! and yes! I know this Diva wrestle. This girl will raise to the top very fast after training!! By the way Artie she looks unforgetable!!!!

  • hehe

    he’s got a bad wig on

  • john

    shes got ass for daays

  • Zach

    Another thing WWE needs to start getting Divas who can actually WRESTLE Not just attractive models/NBA dancers. There are a lot of hot Divas who were hired for their wrestling skills i.e Beth, Mickie, Gail, Melina, Natalya and there are others

  • Zach

    TBH I find a lot of black girls attractive and she is ugly and IMO being black has nothing to do with it

  • Boondock Saint

    You only say that because she’s black

  • chris

    she ugly as hell

  • Boondock Saint

    she looks hot as hell

  • artie

    she looks forgettable

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