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  • david john

    i met this guy a few years at a local show in wales and his english was terrible so hes a lot better now! and a few guys went to college with him and said hes a great guy

  • Assassino

    cm punk is the triple h to mason ryan if ya know what i mean 🙂

  • nicholas

    he looks like he needs to take a shit lol steriode

  • ihatenexus

    carbon copy of batista

  • !?

    * Sorry I meant Welsh accent.

  • !?

    I don’t know, I hear that Mason Ryan is a real humble guy (he didn’t even want to be the FCW Champ because he was too green.) I think that WWE is pushing him way too hard, I hear that his matches are horrible at the moment (he’s even admitted to it.) He has the right mindset, but WWE needs to listen him and have him take his time going up the ranks.

    I LOL at his British Accent, it doesn’t fit his look.

  • Kim

    Wow they could bill him as Batista’s son. He does look just like him.