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  • corey

    it doesn’t matter how many moves you can do, if you don’t sell tickets you won’t have a job!!!

  • Jay

    Wasted talent? Everybody went to Mexico to see this guy, they even maked created the biggest Press Conference ever in professional wrestling to get the guy!! Come on… Sin caras will be the best in WWE … arriba La Razaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This dude has more moves than the complete cast of Marvel vs Capcom

  • Chris

    I have a feeling this will not end well

  • Yo daddy O’

    Ill bet sin cara starts off with a strong go at first with a WH, or WWE title match after WM but then goes to be that of a wasted talent, Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, etc.

  • donners

    on a different topic, jr looks to be in good health here – hope he comes and saves wrestlemania’s weak-as-hell-looking commentary team….

  • Hombre Malo

    Del Rio betta keep his game tight or he’ll lose his spot to Mistico

  • Buttercastle

    Looks like a legend of Zelda mask with you first look at it. Either way I’ve always been a fan of masks because it creates the feeling of mystery and illusion. Plus they look downright awesome. I see big things for this guy in WWE.

  • FutureDivaWWE

    How can he see!!!! LOL but its a cool mask! cant wait to see how WWE uses him because he’s talented!

  • RAY

    ALL YOU FOOLS NEED TO…..RESPECT THE RAZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • !?

    The guy is the biggest draw in Mexico since Mil Mascaras and El Santo, I wouldn’t speak so disrespectfully of the man. It is clear no one here respects Mexican Heritage as you would be caught dead disrespecting a Luchador’s mask.

  • James

    Sin Caras (Mistico) is a fantastic wrestler kinda like a big Rey Mysterio can’t wait for his debut!

  • blah

    I looked him on on youtube the other day, the kid got some creative moves!

  • stockshark

    Mannul HAHHAAHAHA I thought the same thing, then I seen your comment!! OMG they could have Kelly Kelly valet for him dressed as the Pink Ranger!!! AWESOME ITS A HURRICAN A COMMING!! Welcome back Gregory Helms!!!

  • Jason

    I seen some of his stuff on youtube he is good

  • Mannul

    Great….a power ranger in WWE….

  • G.

    It’s the mexican batman.