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  • Justin Sane

    I just didn’t liker her. She was the John Cena of the Diva division. She was overused and overrated. To me, she was just Pamela Anderson with elbow pads.

  • JOE

    @bill i think he’s talking about the two guys with the plaid shirt’s, but i could be wrong. man trish looks like shit! She needs to gain about ten lbs dye her back blonde, and lose the tan.

  • Bill

    @Dave You think SCSA’s a moron?? That sounds like Cena talk.

  • Bill

    Jushin’s right. Trash used to be kind of a “powerful” figure, which got the guys goin’. Now she looks a bit pale, extra skinny, & a yoga girl.

  • Jushin Liger

    i think trish was way hotter as a blond.Her face doesn’t look right with brown hair, but it could be me not accepting the fact that the days of the battle of the blondes is over lol.

  • adam

    @ justin how could you of never been a trish fan. She is one of the hottest women ever plus one of the greatest diva wrestlers.

  • Justin Sane

    Hugh Morris looks like Corey Taylor from Slipknot, but still looks like he can kick some ass.
    Stone Cold looks awesome, as always.
    I’ve never really been a Trish fan, but she looks better with brown hair.
    Good God, Booker looks massive!

  • sean

    blair also knows the miz they are good friends, blair did road rules 10 while the miz did real world 10

  • Scorpion Death Drop

    Dude in the front is Blair Hurter from g4

  • Rucdogg

    man stone cold dropped a lot of weight since he left the biz, i dont ever remember booker being so much bigger than him

  • Dave

    Who the hell are those 2 morons in the middle?