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Piper Hosting Wrestling Reality Show, News on Punk & Vince’s Relationship, More

– WWE posted a job ad this week looking for an intern to work at WWE headquarters in September from September of this year until December. Requirements are that you must be able to work in Stamford, CT, must be a college Junior & Senior and must be available to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.

– The World of Hurt reality TV show in Canada will be returning for another season but without Lance Storm and his students. WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper will be the new host of the show and begin filming next week. 12 independent wrestlers will be featured on the show that airs on The Cave network in Canada.

– WWE reportedly offered CM Punk a five-year deal at one point. No word yet if what he ended up signing was for that long.

Regarding Punk and Vince McMahon, it’s said that Punk now has Vince’s ear when it comes to ideas. It was described as similar to Shawn Michaels year ago when he began moving up in the company and Vince would bounce ideas off Shawn, or Shawn would suggest ideas to Vince.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • venom


    I agree. Kids probably ask their parents to order a ppv and they say no.

  • poko

    If Punk is responsible for the direction of the current storyline, then VKM needs to keep listening. It’s obvious that someone, be it CM Punk or a writer backstage, is paying attention to what fans over 15 would like to see. I don’t begrudge the WWE courting 12-year-olds with Cena, but that shouldn’t be the ENTIRE focus. Adults are the ones who order PPVs, after all.

  • RAMSES 2


  • Ronni

    CM Punk = Future HOF

  • Howe

    Digger, it shouldn’t matter that Punk now has a ton of bandwagon fans. The more fans watching and butts in seats, the better for business and for Punk’s profile as a WWE wrestler. (And I’m not a bandwagoner by any means. I’m not gonna be a wrestling snob and brag about knowing who he was from his ROH days, but I’ve been a fan since ECW.)

    You need bandwagon fans to be as over as Punk wants to be. Punk’s talking about taking wrestling mainstream, and people often speak about wanting a second Attitude Era. A TON of bandwagon fans will have to hitch a ride to bring wrestling back to the mainstream and bring stories, matches, ratings, and popularity to Attitude Era-like levels.

    The more people watching the better for the business.

  • Devil_Rising

    CM Punk “having Vince’s ear and actually influencing the way WWE runs = the BEST thing for wrestling right now.

    HBK having Vince’s ear back in the 90s was god awful. His pals got hired, DX dominated the show (when they were supposed to be bad guys), he most likely is the one who ultimately had Vince convinced to screw Bret, instead of letting Bret win in his home country and forfeit the title with grace as should have happened. HBK, for as great as wrestler as he was, was a total piece of shit in his prime. People want to talk about Hogan/Flair/Nash/etc. politicing, look no further than Shawn Michaels if you want politics. He literally refused to lose to Hart, who was the better wrestler and the better man.

    But oh well. The point being, Punk now is night and day from what HBK was then, so if Punk has Vince/HHH’s ear, then nothing but good things can come of this situation.

  • Digger

    Yeah that i can understand, but alot of the “followers” have jumped on the bandwagon since his promo a month ago

  • Bill

    @Digger, I never liked Punk that much until his WHC run on Raw & his 2009 heel turn on SD. That’s when he really started to show tons of talent, & now he’s at his best. Glad to hear that Punk has influence now. Good for him, & most likely good for us.

  • Digger

    @ CM Mark: Bullshit, a few have known this for a long time 70% of people supporting punk have done so in the last few months and jumped on the bandwagon. It’s not a bad thing because just like vince they now realise what a gem he is.

  • CM Mark

    It’s about time Vince… We’ve all know this for a lONG time.

  • Jimbo

    Punk has Vince’s ear? This is terrific news!

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I hope he did sign that 5-yr deal with the WWE =) plus if he does have “that” power then sweeet! Cause he will definitly help this company to make things interesting and better

  • Valo487

    I hope this is true, CM Punk has a great mind for wrestling and isn’t going to push himself to the moon over anybody else.

  • Dave

    There’s been a lot of talk about Punk’s astronomical rise through the system in a matter of weeks…but do we even know if he’s been signed past Summerslam?

  • Simon

    Finally, someone who isnt so self-absorbed with a bit of sway in the company. Sure, we like HHH and HBK now, cause they’re vets and all, but back in the day, everyone ranted about how they abused their power. Punk remembers what its like to be the little guy and as he showed in his interview with Colt this week, shows he’s thinking with his head, not his ego. This can only be good for the business.

  • venom

    I am glad that Punk’s opinions will matter now. CM Punk definately broke into a whole other level with these storylines.

  • Sammo

    This is a good thing. Punk isn’t a 90s HBK or an Attitude era HHH – he will strive to do what’s best for the wrestling industry.

    At least I think so for now… Power can go to a guy’s head sometimes I guess!