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Piper Pitches Idea to WWE for WrestleMania, Hell in a Cell PPV Pre-sale Info

– The pre-sale code for WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 2nd in New Orleans is HELLORTON. The pre-sale begins tomorrow morning at 9am central.

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper recently appeared on Right After Wrestling. Regarding an idea he pitched to WWE, Piper said:

“I did shoot an idea to WWE. I said put Cena & The Rock in Piper’s Pit at WrestleMania. Because I knew he wouldn’t wrestle but everybody would wanna see him. They should use people who have given to the business – like The Rock, like myself – who are powerful enough to entertain. Instead of just putting in Snooki.”

  • M.C.

    The man who saved the WWF was Stone Cold, hands-down. Vince was almost out of business in 97, but when Austin came, he brought the fans back, & this would lead to the rock, HHH, undertaker, Jericho, & all our other favorites. So, if it wasn’t for SCSA, we’d be watching john cena on Monday Nitro….

  • scsa852k

    I thoroughly enjoyed Piper’s Pit at WM 21 with Austin and Carlito.
    He put a clinic in his most recent promo with Cena on Raw several weeks back.
    But I don’t think Piper belongs in this picture between Rock and Cena.

  • keylo

    adam says I forgot to add something to dixie though, she has her brain trust of hogan russo and bichoff.

    LOL and remember that washed up has been Vince forced down our throats for so long is only with TNA due to Vince wanting him to sign a 20 yr contract back in 02/03 ? and the washed up one refused to sign it. So just imagine Adam he could be still with Vince and lets be honest yes Vince turned it into a multi million dollar company but not before he nearly put it out of business back in 97 and last he took over from daddy in 82 and look how long it took him to turn it around and the only reason he could, was down to having the attitude era and the females play/wrestle in g strings

  • adam

    true would be better if he did. I forgot to add something to dixie though she has her brain trust of hogan russo and bichoff.

  • Dale

    @Adam. Neither! I’d choose Paul heyman! Haha. But to answer ur question, I’d chose Vince. But he still doesn’t listen to the fans. Peace, dudes.

    ECW Rules!

  • adam

    Also for as crazy as people say vince is and for as much as they say he doesnt listen to the fans. Who would u rather have leading your wrestling company for the forseable future Vince or Dixe carter.

  • M.C.

    @Adam. In all fairness, Kurt already said that. But you guys are both right.

  • Soulshroude

    Well, Beiber is already confirmed… so Snooki won’t be anything more interesting.

  • adam

    Ya but the reason he doesnt and this is a bad reason. There is no comtition. He could be like look i am giving u a pretty good show to watch every monday and friday and pretty good ppv’s. Whats your other alterntive. Watching a show once a week that is ok and has been strugling latley and a decent at best ppv’s. He holds all the chips its either wwe or nothing on mondays and fridays if u want to watch wrestling. Thats why even though it was a mistake at the time tna on mondays was like well no vince might have to step up his game. But it failed and the only other wrestling on mondays is ROH and thats after raw.

  • Kurt Angle

    Do you want me to retire? Because I can! There’s a difference between me & Vince. I only make money when I wrestle. Vince makes money everyday, since he owns the biggest wrestling promotion in history! I’m not saying Vince is an idiot when it comes to business. I’m just saying that he should listen to the fans more & give them what they want.

  • adam

    well thats how u become a success you know nothing is ever enough so u keep working.

  • Kurt Angle

    @diddy. Of course I know I’m not Kurt Angle, don’t have your period over it! @Adam. Vince is a smart business owner, but he only cares about business. Are you saying you agree with every decision Vince makes? Vince could give us another attitude era, but he only cares about money. The Attitude Era was just for vince to beat WCW. He didn’t do it for the fans. No that he has no competition, he’s doing whatever will make him the most money, by making a product for kids. 1990s: ratings mattered. 2000s:merchandise & sales. He takes the path that makes the most money. He didn’t have to bring snooki to WM. He could’ve had a money in the bank match, which would satisfy wrestling fans. But he wanted more viewers, so he brought snooki to satisfy his wallet. How much money is enough? There’s never enough for Vince.

  • diddy

    @ Kurt Angle


  • adam

    acutally vince is smart he has made a mulit million dollar company out of pretty much anything. He is smarter then your owner “kurt” how is working for dixie carter going for you. She sure knows alot about how to run a wrestling company. Step one make things exicting by having the first few years bassed on the x-division which we will ignore soon after. Step 2 hire a bunch of wwe rejects and have them talk about wwe pretty much every day. Step 3A hire the biggest cancers in wrestling hogan bichoff and russo and have them run the company into the ground and step 3B have jeff hardy the drug addict barley be able to walk to the ring but still put him in the main event of a ppv. That smells like success to me.

  • Matt

    it wont be pipers pit then, it’ll be another segment called snooki’s snatch. 😛

  • Brasco

    Piper is right. Who the hell is that little fat bitch snooki? I don’t wanna see Paparazzi Bitche’s running on a wrestling show. God, WWE is turning (maybe turned) into an boring Soap

  • Snooki

    I is going to WrestleMania. I hoop I see stone of the cold, wigger super cena and the wizz because he’s AWSOME!!!!

  • Triple H

    Kurt Angle im still mad you kissed my wife a few years ago. but then again who hasnt

  • Kurt Angle

    @Moe. No! Just….. no! Nobody tells the wrestling machine that he’s an idiot! Are you saying Snooki is smart? Cena is smart? Vince is smart? I bet you are!

  • Moe

    KA… Your an Idiot!

  • Kurt Angle

    I never said I wanted to see Rock & Cena on Piper’s Pit, I just want to see it. Since, I can’t be there, I suggest having 2 superstars who aren’t on the WM card. Have a heel like Ted DiBiase or Zack Ryder badmouth legends, then have HBK say some jokes then super kick the guy. Now, someone tell me if that is a bad idea.

  • adam

    no he is trying to widen the fan base and get people who watch jersey shore to possibly order wrestlmania because that gives them even more of an audience. He probably wouldnt do a pipers pit because he most likely has different plans for cena and rock and who knows if he would wrestle anymore. Piper is just trying to get a paycheck. The same people who are bitchin vince doesnt come up with orginal ideas and should do pipers pit are the same ones who would bitch its a dumb idea if he actually did do it.

  • Kurt Angle

    @Tixie. I know Vince. He’s an idiot. If that whore shows up at Wreetlemania, then he’s stupid. It’s true. It’s damn true!

  • Trixie

    he don’t like snooki either

  • Kurt Angle

    Knowing Vince McMahon, any form of a logical decision will be completely ignored. So we won’t be seeing Piper’s Pit at Wrestlemania, but we will have that orange lump, Snooki, shoved down our throats. Oh, it’s true! It’s true!

  • keylo

    Rather see him get it than that umpa lumpa no talent bitch

  • starz

    piper tryna get that pay check!!! lol