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Plans for Alberto Del Rio, Kidd Ahead of Schedule, Hogan & Flair

– Tyson Kidd posted the following update on Wednesday:

“First day ‘running’ at therapy. Keeping ahead of schedule. @D1sports helping to build the new me #workhorse”

– A promoter putting together a convention for May 11th in Newark, California tried to get Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair booked. Hogan reportedly wanted $35,000, agreed to the price but came back and said he wanted $50,000. Flair turned down the appearance because the event is being held at a high school.

– One of the major goals for 2013 is to make Alberto Del Rio into the Mexican babyface star that Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio were. Regardless of what happens at WrestleMania with Jack Swagger possibly winning or Dolph Ziggler cashing in, the direction of the World Heavyweight Title picture is still all about building Del Rio.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • jason styles

    Big Time Wrestling in Newark, CA is the promotion. As for the promoter, he is a slimy individual who doesn’t pay for anything worth while anyways! Stay away from BTW


    And why doesn’t it exaclty? Have u ever seen a face with an announcer no so it works. Wait hulk Hogan had mean gene so hmmm works

  • The Killswitch

    I think it’s one of the pieces of his entrance/gimmick that shouldn’t be taken away (like his cars and ramp pyro was). However, I do believe they should consider allowing Ricardo to wrestle. Look him up; the guy is actually good.

  • Loopy420

    He needs to drop Ricardo. It doesn’t really make sense for a face superstar to have a personal anouncer

  • Mabry

    good, Del Rio is extremely talented and charismatic, hope they show him as a strong Champ and competitor…. at least on this run, they have….