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Plans for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner, Cena Reacts to The Wyatts, More

– In the video below, Kane and The Miz talk about their love of Scooby-Doo:

– John Cena tweeted the following this morning in response to The Wyatt Family on RAW:

“Fear is an emotion, all of us feel it’s pain. Cowardice is a decision, know fear, be brave and look it dead in the eye. #nevergiveup”

– For what it’s worth, it was noted on last night’s RAW that the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX will carry the Andre statue for the next year. It’s possible they do the match annually.

  • thepewp

    Does having a second yearly Royal Rumble cheapen the Royal Rumble PPV?

    War Games, please.

  • Mike Wells

    Wow. WWE goes another step further in destroying Kane’s character.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    No this is just a one time deal. Been a long time since they had a Battle Royal at Wrestlmania too since 4 I think. To me the winner going to get a future title shot.

  • Craig Higham

    They need an annual Wrestlemania main event type match to eventually replace ‘The Streak’ . I think the WWE are using this match to test waters to see if it will fill that void

  • I don’t think they should do the match annually. I think it should be a one time thing….some how it would feel more special that way. At this 30th WM. I also think, crazy as it may sound, that they should have it be more about honoring Andre’s memory, than it being about pushing whichever stars wins the match.

  • DKHardee

    30… It’s basically another Royal Rumble. Total waste. Bring back War Games instead!

  • p_dooch

    You had me until you said Brodus Clay. I can think of a lot of other guys that should get the trophy before him. My thinking is Reigns to win it all. BTW have they mentioned how many total participants will be in it?

  • d_pooch

    Makes sense for Show to win it. But I’m actually hoping they use it to elevate another big guy, like Brodus Clay.

  • NobodyJustNobody

    Not that Big Show is deserving or anything . . . I would think the statue would go to someone they are trying to build up . . . Big E, Roman Reigns, etc. But for the very first one, wouldn’t be fitting for Show to win it? If not just to pay homage to the guy, who’s gimmick he ripped off in WCW.

  • Ernest Gouker

    They could use it as a guaranteed shot at the us or intercontinental shot…