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– Tuesday night’s final episode of WWE NXT on SyFy scored an 0.7 cable rating with 964,000 viewers. This was the first NXT episode that averaged less than 1 million viewers and was the least-watched episode. Through 4 episodes of season three on SyFy, the show averaged 1.09 million viewers.

– Plans for this coming Monday’s RAW in Wichita, Kansas include an angle to further the General Manager storyline and the beginning of the RAW brand forming it’s team for WWE’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view. Jackass star Johnny Knoxville will be the guest star.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • 321kid with a razor

    Was there even a match on NXT this past week? All I remember was stupid competitions

  • joel


    On october 10 all of Eminems rap fans are going to watch Eminems Not Afraid video on youtube which currently has 113 million views.

    Justin Biebers baby has 300+million views which is a disrespectful thing to the real musicians like eminem. So everyone get together,click on NOT AFRAID, refresh your page 5 times to give it 5 more views. Lets beat this bieber disease



  • The_Electrifying_One

    @ ron – good point mate

    @ alhow – ur could be right. has anyone noticed HHH new shirt has MMX return to fear on it?

  • centerman

    NXT died hard with the season 3 Divas. One and two were OK, but the ladies. Good riddance.

  • Insider

    @Ron – perfectly said.

    Basically it’s the Invasion angle for 2010 with Cena being the Stone Cold.

    Oh, creative team.

  • Mike

    @Ronald Thats pretty good man. I can def. see that happening.

  • Ronald

    Isn’t it obvious that this year, it’ll be Raw vs Smackdown vs Nexus. I’m calling it, Barrett will win at HiaC and Cena will join Nexus (seemingly unwillingly). Then, at Bragging Rights, he will win for Nexus in an unexpected way. It’ll come down to him versus someone from either Raw or Smackdown and fans will think he’s going to lay down and give the win away instead allowing Nexus to win (there might even be another “If Nexus loses, they disband stipulation). Anyhow, he will shock the world and win it for Nexus thus officially turning him heel and Barrett’s “ultimate plan” will be finalized. Yep…. that’s not going to happen, since WWE “Creative” still writes these shows. Oh well.


    To further the GM storyline? When are they gonna end this shit. Are they just waiting for HHH to come back and have him be the GM or what. It’s really old and annoying. I wish WWE would get a clue that this storyline might be one of the reason the ratings is low.

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