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Plans for TNA’s Destination X PPV, Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle and More

– TNA will tape this week’s Impact Wrestling tonight from Orlando.

– Mr. Anderson is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Sting at last night’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. Kurt Angle became the new #1 contender after beating Jeff Jarrett and now will get a shot against Anderson. No word yet if Angle will get his shot at the Destination X pay-per-view, which has an X Division theme to it.

– As noted before, the Destination X pay-per-view will feature an X Division Title match, an Ultimate X match and the return of the six-sided ring. TNA will be featuring its current X Division roster as well as bringing back stars from the past. TNA is looking at bringing back former stars such as Senshi (Low Ki/Kaval) as well as new names. The format for Destination X is being described as something like last year’s Hardcore Justice pay-per-view which had an ECW theme.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Chryogenos

    Matt has been getting in shape and they could build him better, TNA Has the talent, they just don’t use it right!

  • venom

    I think Anderson has gotten better since he arived in TNA. I haven’t been watching TNA that much. Is he a heel or a face? I definately don’t see him being the face of the company if he is a face. I think Styles should be face of the company.

  • Rucdogg

    Sting has been my fav wrestler since I have started wrestling, with that said I dont think he should be champ at his age, although this run was pretty decent as he was winning pretty good matches, except the jeff hardy rematch. But, I damn sure dont think he shoulda dropped the belt to anderson, that guy is annoying as hell and he sucks in the ring. Shoulda kept it on the stinger another month and had him drop to angle or hell even matt hardy.

  • Orton

    MATT FUCKING MORGAN I think that with a decent push he could be a great champion

  • Gary

    since TNA brngin back old x-divison stars, IM PULLING FOR DELIRIOUS!

  • Broski of W-E

    i could see crimson being the top man in a year, thats if TNA is still in business next year

  • ICE

    the buildup of anderson/sting was actually pretty decent, with that being said i dont think anderson wont be able to carry the company. hopefully AJ starts getting a better push, the way he lost to bully ray was just kinda weird.

  • Valo487

    The problem is that TNA has no one in the right place to be the face of the company. Sting is way past his prime, Jeff Hardy is a screwup, Jarrett is his only fan, AJ and Samoa Joe have been buried too much, RVD is part time and so is Angle. Who else is there?

  • Symbiote

    I can’t believe they put the belt back on Anderson! He is an ok wrestler but he is not championship material! He should not be the face of TNA.