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Possible Plans for Year-End Shows, WWE Network Launching on Hulu?

– Just days before it came out that the WWE Network may end up with a HBO-style model, sources close to the Network revealed that the new direction might just be a Hulu channel instead.

The idea would be that the Network launches on Hulu and in a few years, if things turn around with the economy and cable industry, then maybe the Network could jump to basic cable like WWE originally planned. Unlike current plans, which would involve considerable outlay on WWE’s part, the Hulu idea would see Hulu paying WWE seed money for the channel – rumored to be tens of millions of dollars.

– There is internal talk that WWE may just do a year-in-review show to replace the December 31st RAW show, which is New Year’s Eve. Since Tuesday is New Year’s Day, there is also talk of not taping SmackDown that night but doing it live that Friday, January 4th, instead.


  • Bill

    How about make YouTube channels for certain superstars (ex: StoneColdWWEUniverse) & post classic videos of him or any other footage that concerns them? The regular WWE channel is cool, I guess, but I’m not too interested in what Cameron & Naomi collect or a recap of Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley from Smackdown.

  • Dee durp

    WWE NETWORK! No scratch that, WWE channel. Actually, lets make that WWE videos on a website.

    I like the idea though. The WWE library should’ve been online years ago, and I’m not surprised there have been so many hurdles getting the Network off the ground. Who actually wants a television channel dedicated to WWE in 2012? A few thousand people (at most), would be my guess.