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Who Played Doink on Raw?, Bret Hart 1000th Raw Update

– During tonight’s WWE RAW in the St. Louis area, advertisements listed Bret Hart for the upcoming 1000th RAW episode from the Scottrade Center.

– reports that “The Brooklyn Brawler” Steve Lombardi played Doink the Clown on tonight’s RAW. Lombardi has played the character many times in the past.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I hated that they used the cheap ass WWE DDP music. They own WCW and everything about it, so they should’ve used his “Smells Like Teen Spirit” knockoff theme. He probably would’ve gotten a better pop. His WWE song just flat out sucks. Doesn’t fit him. That’s why the poor guy was European champion and jobbed out to Hardcore Holly. Never got a fair shake in WWE.

  • JohnCena33

    Maybe if you guys could afford to go, you could start to chant.

  • Gorilla

    Yeah the crowd sucked. I guess the Yes revolution has yet too hit that town, given the fact they seemed lost as Bryan chanted it.

  • Buttercastle

    They were reacting a lot to Del Rio but besides that I couldn’t really hear anything from them.

  • SYM

    The Crowd gave DDP much love but other than that yeah it was a God Awful crowd.

  • The Irish Bulldog

    Wow that was a crappy match….i could beat heath slater anyday but welcome back DDP

  • Whatever

    Yeah, I really thought, wow, this crowd sucks more than last week.
    No reaction…
    DDP also didn’t get much, only the chants were great.

  • Dan

    No wonder Slater went over if he was against The Brooklyn Brawler.

  • jeff

    And they said fort Wayne was to small.. boy for 8,500 last week sure seem bigger then this week

  • me

    and he got no crowd reaction at all, that was the worst raw crowd in a really long time, fucking terrible.

    it’s a shame, doink/brawler deserved better.