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Police Receive Over 20 Phone Calls from Fans Regarding Matt Hardy

– Matt Hardy’s “suicide hoax” from last night caused an uproar online and with local police.

As noted before, police showed up at the home of Jeff Hardy and his wife last night after Matt posted the “goodbye” video.

The Moore County Sheriff’s office notes that Matt Hardy is “fine.” Michael Zennie, reporter for the Fayetteville Observer, wrote the following:

“The night shift captain said police received 25 to 30 phone calls to 911 to check on his well being.”

  • venom

    He should get fined for this.

  • dick cockwrinkle

    25-30 people. was that his entire fan base or am i being too optimistic?

  • dave s

    What a douchebag…the wrestling world continues to lose respect for the Hardies – I say Hardies because after watching Jeff taser his brother’s gf shows that he hasn’t changed his ways at all – still a spoiled teen. he may be a father but it takes a lot of growing up on his part before someone calls him dad. TNA is only going to tarnish their image further by rehiring him.

    I’d love to hear Punk go on a rant about them…ha, that’s ratings.

  • RPM

    I hope he gets fined for it.