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“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero Wants To Meet Former WWE Star In The Impact Zone

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero continues to target Marty Jannetty for carelessly striking Balls Mahoney with a chair during a match for Pro Wrestling Syndicate in March.

Dinero wrote on Facebook, “Have anyone heard from Marty Chairnetty??? You know, the guy that single handily almost did in one night to Balls Mahoney what sex, drugs, and ECW couldn’t do in 20yrs; End His Freaking Career!?!??

“Well, If ya hear from the coon, let’em know that Pope is out of semi retirement for the moment and is hoping that he grow some balls, head to Orlando, do what Pope won’t do, and that’s kiss Hogan’s @ss, and beg for the opportunity to show up on iMPACT WRESTLING OFN and call Pope out. Hopefully he’s dressed in his 1980’s Rockers attire, otherwise Pope may not recognize him! ~ PHS.”

The infrequently seen TNA Wrestling star returned to action at last week’s live events in California, his first appearances since January. Before appearing at Friday’s show in Ontario, he lampooned his lengthy sabbatical, writing, “Welp, here comes Da Pope!” Guess Pope better head downstairs to the basement, find, dust off, and clean his Pope gear.”

  • No Name Required

    The shot wasn’t even bad and it happened like six months ago.

  • Little Jimmy

    Marty Jannetty we coming for you ninja!

  • Jett

    dude wtf did narf do to you. your tna defenses are getting kinda outta hand

  • Unique

    @with material like that… is quite possible that he does work for TNA! Head writer?

  • Jason


    Have you seen your face lately? YIKES!

  • Brock

    Jason does work for TNA, he is a prick in person. Him and JB

  • Jason

    Im the real Jason I work for tna I can prove it I will take any of you one on one or a gang bang and I swollow see ya under a freeway overpass

  • jason

    @ jason L say what you wish but lets just say iv been on tv holding a camra so yes i do will you be there on Sunday, June 12, to watch hogan become champ ? or maybe to see a deadman start the second part of his carer ?

  • Jason L

    @ Jason

    I don’t think the pope would be mopping his ass but rather trying to get some of his ass but then again if anyone would know about the pope & sucking I guess you would pal. Furthermore we all know you & TNA have nothing to do with each other so give it a rest already you self mark.

  • jason

    Slammiversary here we come hulkamaina runs wiled once agein so be prepared wich is what all u dumbass wwe marks should have done we just might have a huge surprise for you all i can say is that thers another reason sting is on another website

  • jason

    So we begin the countdown till hogan becomes are world champ which we got booked to win the title from rood the real hulkimaina will be back

  • scooter

    Marty Jannetty had so much talent hell I bet he still does! yet the guy wastes it such a shame

  • The Deadman

    Jason your shit is getting so old that you work for tna Stop Pretending!

  • Jason

    Stop with the damn Jason copy cats already.

  • Jason

    typical mark talk. we at tna wouldnt even benefit from using jannetty even though my buddy pope would mop the canvas with his ass. Thats right pope and i are good friends and you wwe marks can suck on that

  • Logan

    So Marty Jannetty is The Coon then D’Angelo must be Mysterion.