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Possible Change To WWE PPV Announce Team, Cody Rhodes Dating WWE Diva

— WWE officials have discussed modifying the announce team for pay-per-view events, which could begin as soon as TLC.

Internally, Todd Grisham is not getting high marks for his work, which is why Michael Cole was moved to SmackDown. Meanwhile, both Cole and Jerry Lawler reportedly dislike working with Matt Striker. Cole took off his headset during the Survivor Series broadcast to yell at Striker for talking too much.

Punk may end up with the spot for pay-per-view events, but the team would therefore solely consist of Raw announcers and the company doesn’t want SmackDown to come off as a secondary brand.

— Layla cryptically confirmed on her Twitter account last week that she is dating fellow SmackDown Superstar Cody Rhodes.

She wrote, “I have to say I’m the most thankful to have the love of my life bf Cody In my life ….”

She also posted a photo of Rhodes’ dog Dozer, noting, “The true mr.D So thankful for him.”

Finally, it’s interesting to note that Layla and Rhodes are today’s featured Diva and Superstar on

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • LatinoHeatFrogsplash

    well first of all Cody Rhodes is 25 not 23 n Layla is 32 so theres a total of 7 yrs difference DUH!!

  • Zach

    Okay one, stfu Cole. Talking to much? No one wants to hear “VINTAGE “insert name here*!” anymore. Just, hush.

    Two, Cody pulled Layla? Oh god. Well folks, I’m off to marry Megan Fox. Maybe Scarlet Johanson. Not sure yet.

  • venom

    Cody can join that cocky Laycool.

  • Paton

    wouldn’t mind seeing josh matthews get a chance on SD instead of Grish

  • SaveUs.150Fps

    Cody is probably a real nice guy and i bet thats a change from the rest of them men from the locker room, maybe a lot of them are meat heads and arrogant where as Cody has a personality a lot different from them. He seems like a nice guy, thats just my guess.

  • me

    layla is smoking hot, like ridiculously hot, rhodes is a fag, why on earth is she with him? wow, get some standards woman.

  • nnla

    I’m glad that age difference was cleared up lol…

  • erik

    Cody rhodes is 23 years old and layla is 32 years old 9 years ago diffrence.

  • In Grind We Crust

    wow leave it to Cole to have a nerd fit. I personally like Striker, I dunno why everyone seems to have a beef with him.


    ugh nooooo layla, why cody. You could do far better than cody’s lame ass.

  • keylo

    Renz says how does Cody get to date layla.

    err simple pal, its his turn this month as they slappers get pass around like a joint

  • Renz

    lucky wanka, how does Cody get to date layla.. altho isnt ther elike 10 yrs difference in their age

  • Eric Nixon

    Put Punk and Striker on everything and just fire Cole and The King, who haven’t watchable in years.

  • thomas2400

    cole is on smackdown therefore the ppv team would still feature one of their commentators

  • CM Mark

    Punk on PPV, yes please. Although I would prefer Jim Ross only to Punk.