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Possible huge spoiler for 2019 Hall Of Fame

There have been a number of rumors regarding this year’s Hall Of Fame class but it appears that WWE can go to a completely different route with it.

According to a video that has surfaced recently, the company is advertising all the members of D Generation X for this year’s Hall Of Fame class.

The video as seen below suggests that  “Road Dogg” Jesse James, Billy Gunn, Chyna, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Triple H and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will all be inducted as part of the group:

This video is especially interesting because it includes Chyna. People have been demanding an induction for her from a long time but the company has managed to avoid that till now.

As we noted before, it was reported that WWE is planning to induct The Hart Foundation into the Hall of Fame but after this report, it would be interesting to see if the company goes with this plan.

  • That holds little water when you consider the fact they inducted Bill Watts.

  • Rinn13

    Neither did Chyna for the first long while.

  • oppa

    If you look at Teddy Long’s interviews where he’s asked about Ole Anderson, you’ll see why WWE in this day and age distance themselves from him.

  • oppa

    Ole was one of the most well known bigots in wrestling history and admitted during the WCW discrimination trial that he discriminated against Black wrestlers, hated Black people felt no remorse about referring to Blacks as the n word. That had more to do with him not getting in than anything else.

  • CC

    But Ole was probably not included because he said some not so nice stuff about Flair in his autobiography. To my knowledge, he and Flair do not get along at all, so WWE excluded him because of this.

  • Sparti Love

    WWE didn’t include Ole Anderson in the Four Horseman induction. I agree with Will, Rude didn’t do much in DX other than stand around.

  • CC

    But a being a member is being a member surely, regardless of how much he did in the group.
    He was still a founding member, and that cannot be taken away.

  • Will Henderson

    Rick didn’t contributed much to DX all he did was manage them for the first few months and then he left for WCW shorty after the Montreal Screwjob cause he was pissed off that Bret Hart got screwed out in the most legit finish in the history of the sport, and he’s also had a hall of fame worthy career on his own, in fact, Rude’s already in the Hall as part of the class of 2017 2 years ago.

  • oppa

    ESPN has confirmed it, when WWE leaked it to them and asked them to announce it today. And Chyna is a part of the DX that will be inducted. Sadly, Rick Rude isn’t.