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Possible Injuries for Three WWE Stars Last Night

– Early reports from WWE live events indicate that three WWE Superstars may have suffered injuries.

Word is that R-Truth injured his knee while wrestling The Miz and Mark Henry at the RAW live event in Youngstown, Ohio. Truth hit his flying forearm move and they went straight to the pin.

The show in Portland, Maine may have saw two injuries. Cody Rhodes was wrestling Matt Hardy and Kofi Kingston when they hit a double back suplex that left him dazed. Cody finished the match after being out of it for a few minutes but was helped to the back by WWE trainers.

At the same show, Kelly Kelly’s match with Layla came to a quick end after Kelly took a bad shot. Kelly took a bump and then the referee threw up the X with his hands and declared Layla the winner. Trainers came out to check on Kelly and then helped her to the back.

  • Paul123

    gail kim for womens champion. jillian for divas champion. enough said.

  • Jlove

    What I am tired of is the bleached bimbo’s that have no business being in the ring in the first place. That would be Kelly Kelly and a few others(Hey Bella’s, you listening) If I want to see these people I can go to my local strip club on tuesdays!

  • LVW

    Did you not watch Smackdown, mannul?

  • mannul

    @lamar gosh are all the divas hoes to you?

    Anyways,R-Truth and Kelly Kelly need to leave for a while,they’re both annoying as hell.Cody hasn’t been used much,so maybe if he’s out they’ll bring him back repackaged.

  • lamar williams

    I agree with Rich! BUT this just might be a blessing in disguise maybe a continuous jobbing “Diva” I don’t know say Jillian Hall or Gail Kim could move 2 Smackdown and calm the Womens Championship because Takers H0E and her lacky is getting on my nerves. And if they r thinking of trading 1 of those damn Bella H0ES 2 SMACKDOWN and 1 of them gets the championship I will b so pissed off that i well stop watch wrestling all together. They’re best bet is 2 move Nattie 2 Smackdown but she can’t because she’s in this story line with the THD and The Usos. So I say Gail Kim or REHIRE KATIE LEA BURCHILL

  • Rich

    got damn wwe superstars are being injured left and right nowadays.@ scooter kelly kelly is the only athletic diva on the entire wwe roster besides melina u idiot…how does having kelly kelly out help the diva’s division in anyway.

  • brody

    Anything that keeps the divas off of tv lately is a good thing. I don’t usually hope anyone gets hurt, but between the diva’s bad acting, bad wrestling, and the seriously awful ‘lay-cool’ routine, any reason to keep them off tv is a good one. Between losing Mickie James and Beth Phoenix, Smackdown has no good reason to show the divas inside a ring at all. The Lay-cool horrification is enough to warrant Smackdown keeping them off the show entirely.

  • Scooter

    kellys injured this helps the divas division if you ask me

  • CM Mark

    PG style toughness shown there. LOL.