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Possible Plans for Alberto Del Rio, Note on Him Winning the World Title

– If Alberto Del Rio wins the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 27, he will be only the second heel to have won the Royal Rumble and then followed it up with a title win at WrestleMania. Yokozuna was the first, winning the 1993 Royal Rumble and the WWE Title from Bret Hart, only to lose the belt to Hulk Hogan seconds later.

Del Rio is expected to win the belt at WrestleMania. The original plan called for him to win it at the Royal Rumble but it was pushed back.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • CM Mark

    See, no one could name ONE MATCH.

  • LVW

    I’ll be sick if he wins the belt…… you know that.

  • Wellsy


    HHH didn’t win the title at WM2000, he was already the champion.

  • shawn

    i get annoyed when i see Albertos entrance at raw. too long and the same thing said. keep him on sd. sheesh

  • Seth

    Kamoteng, I think I can answer your question. The reason the new guys are getting pushed so fast is in the old days you speak of the WWE only had three maybe two major titles to fill (WWE/F champ, Intercontinental), two hours of television, and 4-8 PPV’s per year.

    Today the WWE has four major titles (WWE, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, US Champ), and you could argue that the last two don’t mean what they used to mean, but they are still signs of success. Add to that Smackdown and the need for a whole new roster of faces and heels, 13+ PPVs per year and you get talent dilution.

    That dilution forces guys that aren’t ready into the spotlight into the spotlight and in the crosshairs of criticism by all of us internet smarks.

    So we can’t blame the wrestl… I mean entertainers, because if you offer me a push, I’m going to take it too. Can’t blame the WWE because we watch and order the ppvs.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    I can’t remember w/c among you idiots who am i going to reply to. yeah del rio’s talented, sheamus is, swagger is, lesnar is, but why can’t they go through what shawn michaels, bret hart, the rock, stone cold, etc did? start from the midcard, win midcard titles then win the big ones. the former don’t need to go thorugh 10 years in the wwe to win the big ones. they can wait 2-3 years. it’s a direct spit in the face of hofers dibiase, piper, perfect and guys who were yo-yo pushed but won the big belt anyways like jeff hardy, y2j, benoit, etc.

  • Don’t people think it’s nice to have someone new in the title picture? An argument always used to be… ‘oh it’s always the same guys over and over’, now it’s someone new and fresh and still can’t win.

    I like him anyway, you could tell they planned big things for him from the start, I was surprised when he won the RR though, I didn’t expect it so soon, but it was always going to happen.

  • Serek

    @ Adam

    I Agree completely with your assessment of ADR being more like Eddie than on man KUDOS!!!

  • Bingo Nik

    @Jacky – R-Truth is young talent?! Ho ho ho.

    @kamoteng kahoy – some other guys who got fast pushed were The Undertaker (world champ within 12 months), Kane (world champ within 8 months) and Randy Orton (youngest ever world champ aged just 24)

    If my memory serves me correctly, those 3 guys have had pretty noteworthy careers in the WWE thus far. Dontcha think?

  • Hunter

    Heel? John Cena beat HHH with the whole crowd booing the crap out of him 😉

  • tommy

    2nd heel to win the title at wrestlemania? wrestlmania 2000 HHH won and joined forces with Vince !!

  • HBK

    Del Rio wins World Title
    Christian wins Money in the Bank
    Christian cashes in Money in the Bank & wins World Title (hence gaining revenge on the man who put him out)

    Triple threat between Edge, Christian, Del Rio at Backlash!

  • RAMSES 2


  • CM Mark

    Can any of you so called experts over the last few post here name ONE standout match Del Rio has had? Just one. I didn’t think so.

  • Jacky

    you guys dont understand wrestling at all
    it doesnt matter if his character is similar to JBL’s he can delivwer in the ring and that is what puts him over as a main event guy
    i sick of ppl wanting to see the same fuckign faces in the main event
    wwe is takign the right steps here with ziggler, alberto, and miz (although miz cant really deliver in the ring as well as other young talent like morrison or even r truth; and yes r truth is a good wrestler wwe just hasnt allowed his to showcase that, if you watch his tna matches youll understand)

  • Adam

    JBL was awesome, Del RIo is already almost as good, but still a different wrestler & different personality, only with a slightly similar gimmick where they both drove cars to the ring. I see Del RIo as actually being more like Eddie than JBL, as they both have that chekiness that JBL never showed.

  • RawIsWar

    Del Rio has the “it” factor if you guys cant see that you’re idiots… and he’s not a rookie he’s Hugh in Mexico they didn’t put him on NXT for nothing, Give it a rest, you guy complain when new and younger guys don’t get pushed, then complain when they do and say it’s to soon? what logic do you morons work on…?

  • Bobthebuilder

    As much as I want it to be chirstian to win MITB I don’t see it happening and if it does they’d have him be the first to lose. I wouldn’t mind JoMo winning, hell if Miz can be a champ I think JoMo can be as well.

  • rko

    And the new heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio!!

  • rick

    ^^^What about Angle?
    But I understand what you mean. They pushed Sheamus so fast that now they seemingly have no idea what to do with him.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    Fucking hell why wouldn’t they do slow pushes anymore! none of the fast pushed stars ever stay or get relevant afaik

    yokozuna = dead
    lesnar = left the biz
    sheamus = midcard
    swagger = jobber
    mcintyre = see sheamus

    only kevin nash i believe was the one successful yet i’m not even sure if he got a fast pushed can’t remember i’m old now.

  • CM Mark

    Christian is def one that deserves a turn before Del Losero.

  • TomC

    Gali – THAT would be AWESOME !!!

  • Taylor

    They said he was getting a push for when Ray retires so he can be their top mexican star.

  • the great gali

    christian to win MITB and cash it in the same night. just like hogan to yokozuna

  • dsfghj

    when del rio first appear I used to love him I thought he will be a world champ but not that fast… his lines now are the same week after week its my destiny and all that stuff just makes me wonder if he actually knows english… I really dont like this huge push his getting cuz ur right he will go down as fast as sheamus when he loose the title.. bye the way i hate misterio and Im mexican…

  • Trixie

    I can’t stand when they push people down our throats. why not have them rise slow and gain some followers first.

  • CM Mark

    I’m glad everyone is more or less in agreement to why Del Rio is getting his push. Personally, I don’t think his in ring ability is all that good. But his mic skills and acting ability are fine. There are far more worthy people that aren’t getting the push he is. But I guess they’re in the minority…lol.

  • drg

    @buttercastle the idea when they brough him in was to have one guy all the hispanic fans could watch to see and love in mysterio as a national hero and then have Alberto as that guy you cant stand but hate and want to watch to seem him get his @ss kicked. maybe down the road he’ll turn face and fill in mysterios roll, hard to say but that mistico guy that wwe’s trying to bring in might be the long term replacement for mysterio. but his race has helped him get an oppurtunity, Alberto has ran all the way to the top with it. A guy like Drew McCintyre got a similar oppurtunity because of his european decent and vince being so high on him, hes done nothing except show how stale and anti charasmatic he is already.

  • misfit del rio

    The alex and cm mark, maybe it has to do with the fact that he actually is a well deserving talented guy, that can get heat anywhere he goes, not because he’s mexican but because he has “it” and gets “it”, you ignorant racist idiots.

  • TomC

    Truthfully, I can’t see him being anything BUT a heel.

  • Buttercastle

    If that was the case then why make him a heel?

  • drizzt73

    I have to defend Seth’s comment. Facial expressions are part of a wrestler’s character. The undertaker, Hogan’s, Perfecto’s, The Rock, Edge, and The Miz, all of them have very distinctive facial expressions. The People’s Eyebrow alone is probably the best. Wrestling is charisma. My favorite is the Macho Man’s, cause it always looked like he was taking a squat.

  • drizzt73

    The Alex is right. Vince knows a large portion of his younger fans are Mexican. Mysterio will not be around forever.

  • stone cold

    both Del Rio and Sheamus got a push way too fast. thats why sheamus is pushed back. the same will happen to Del Rio when he loses the belt if he wins it at WM. the ones who start off with out a huge push stay in the spot light when the ones who start from the top get pushed to the bottom or they leave

  • CM Mark

    @The Alex
    I am SO glad someone had the balls to say it. 100 percent agreed.

  • The Alex

    Basically he’s getting a World title run cause he’s Mexican, i don’t want to take anything from Del Rio but if he was American he wouldn’t probably being called in the main roster.

  • hey yo!

    Yeah he’s been in the company a few months but he’s been wrestling for over 10 years. He’s more than ready for a World title run.

  • mark

    bizarre so much praise being heaped on him so soon. only been with a company a few mths.

  • misfit del rio

    Can’t wait for del rio, to become world heavyweight champion. Its his destiny, but you already knew that.

  • CM Mark

    Ph, wow, yay, great, wonderful. Best news ever. NOT.

  • Jimbo

    His rise to the top has been too fast.

  • Automattic

    @seth I think Jon is saying don’t be surprised if the Money in the Bank winner cashes in his shot right after Del Rio wins the championship, which would cause Del Rio to lose the belt right after he wins it, just like Yokozuna.

  • Seth

    @Jon, huh? I can’t make that out. @TomC, yes it is a reFRESH of the JBL character, which was a reFRESH of the Million Dollar Man. It’s a role as old as wrestling, but in each generation someone does it well. ADR does it much better than Ted Jr does, not a knock on him, but he isn’t his dad.

    Del Rio does a very good job, he facial expressions and his ability to go from grinning like an idiot to evil is fantastic. I wasn’t a fan at first, but he’s grown on me.

  • Jon

    Yeah but I also with the report above money can be cash in the same night

  • Joel

    Yeah, pretty much

  • TomC

    What/Why the hell is everyone so high on Alberto Del Rio.
    The character is basically a hispanic rehash of JBL.