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Possible Plans for Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan Missing WWE NXT Tonight

– WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan noted on Twitter today that he won’t be appearing on tonight’s episode of WWE NXT with his Rookie Derrick Bateman. Bryan will be working tonight’s RAW live event in Wilkes-Barre, PA instead.

– There is still talk of having Wade Barrett vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 27, if something with Brock Lesnar doesn’t happen. While it appears after last night’s RAW that Barrett is gone from Nexus, there’s been no confirmation on his status. It’s possible he may end up on SmackDown. A babyface turn for Barrett has also been rumored.

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  • Raymond

    At WM 27 it should be Wade Barrett vs CM Punk in a no DQ match & Kane vs Undertaker in a casket match.

  • someone

    @Soulshroude, taker has been a heel like 3 times in his carreer, if you don’t knew it, you have to be a fanboy!

  • KingShazeb

    Undertaker vs Barret is not really spectacular, if it was Undertaker vs Miz at WM27 i would really like that but Undertaker and Kane fued will have to end like 1 month before WM27

  • GreasyRabbit75

    @Soulshroude, ‘Taker was also a monster heel during the Corporate Ministry days of late ’98 and ’99. Remember the “crucifixion” and near-embalming of Stone Cold Steve Austin?

  • john peeler

    i think that it should be the undertaker facing kane at wm 27 in a casket match to end this final fued once and for all this is what i think should happen i see this is the only way for the wwe to do this and buy the way i hope the undertaker comes back with the purple gloved deadman persona sense he was buried alive this would be the best persona to come back from the dead .also i think that paul bearer will be back from the dead too and the best place for him to return is at wm 27 alongside with the undertaker this would be so awesome for sure .

  • shawn

    Undertaker was a despicable heel when he was the american bad*ass.

  • Vinny

    @ soulshroude – YES, Undertaker WAS a heel when he first debuted with ted dibiase at survivor series 1990.

  • Vinny

    Nexus has actually grown on me over the months. I like the concept of the “new breed” type of angle and how they used to attack polished wwe superstars. I hope they keep Nexus alive. Its a good way for the talent in the group to get over.

  • Soulshroude

    Correction.. Taker was never a heel. He is what he is. Correction.. Barret cannot become babyface unless the WWe Universe is to stupid and easily manipulated. If this is the case then it is no wonder why the American Government works the way it does and why people are so easily distracted with Cell phones and Texting. In reality, they cannot think for themselves.


    wade will be turned into the new william regal, something for us brits to cheer when hes over here, but never winning anything meaningful and booed by the yanks.


    I think barrett shouldn’t be a babyface, he looks too boring to be one. I wouldn’t be interested in him at all.

  • ##

    Plans should call for Barrett along with the rest of the Nexus to be sent back to FCW for training.

  • David

    I smell triple threat WWE title match at mania…

  • Evil Doink

    @ CC, spot on!

    I could see Barrett returning as a face, only if the scenario plays out on Raw as Ronald mentioned. Otherwise, I see him as William Regal’s ultimate replacement as the heel from England.

    I don’t like the idea of Barrett vs. Undertaker. That just doesn’t make any sense to me as it would be pretty obvious that Taker would win.

  • mark

    agree what a stupid item above. talk about stating the bleeding obvious

  • Ronald

    It’ll be very difficult for Barrett to be cheered. The only way I see it happening is during Raw, after Nexus and Punk are beating the living hell out of Cena, Wade comes down and fights them off. If Cena accepts him, then Wade might (again… might!) be viewed as babyface and cheered by the kiddies. Aside from that, I don’t see it happening…. especially if he’s supposed to be going against a heel Undertaker!

  • Mike

    at all i hope that the smackdown scenario is at least the most probable one, you see a babyface turn just wont work b/c he is so over as a heel right now and on smackdown he can shine on his own b/c that is where all the younger talent is getting pushed. Raw is too loaded with main event talent at this time for Barrett to fit in anymore,you got Orton,Sheamus,Miz,Cena,even Punk now that he’s possibly leading the Nexus. Over on smackdown you got Mysterio,Edge,Kane and that’s about it…it’s a perfect mainevent picture for him to join in,and if Undertaker is healthy enough for WM 27 then Barrett is there to kick off the feud.

  • CC

    So in essence, nobody knows what the plans are for Wade, so rumours are suggesting every possibility, in hope that one of them is right.