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- The belief is that WWE won’t bring back Tiffany as long as her legal charges are hanging over her heard. Tiffany’s attorney has told WWE officials that he will get her off.

- The decision to bring Daniel Bryan back for SummerSlam was made a few days ago. The talk last night is that Bryan will get a United States Title shot against The Miz at WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view.

Source: F4Wonline.com

  • RKOmonster

    i don’t think the miz will be champion, even if he cashes the mitb. danielson for US champ.

  • dont ask

    DAMN IT JÃY he beat me too

  • He Got a BACYCLE

    The only dork in these comments is you Me…

  • DK Monster

    Danielson will bring life back to US title that
    means nothing at the moment.
    It’s a perfect fit for both Danielson and Miz.

  • Devil_Rising

    Too bad the Miz is terrible.

  • The Pako

    i really want the title on danielson but i also wanted to see miz holding both the us title and the wwe title.

  • Treg

    Put the US Title on Danielson! Maybe that belt will actually be defended for once. Dare I say, maybe it’ll actually hold some significance after that.

  • Ryan

    I also agree with Burt however that makes sense. We all know how WWE does things that makes sense…

  • The GOAT

    Miz is actually gonna defend the US title? Im shocked

  • whatever

    I agree with burt daniel should win the belt,

  • me

    what they should do for Danielson is put him in a match with the miz for United States Title and the money in the bank Title shot and have miz loose and send miz back to mtv where he belongs if the miz gets a world Title he will never defend it don’t get me wrong miz is a good wrestler when he does have a match and he good on the mic but he has one big problem he looks like a dork he always has this duh look on his face and to me that just kills it he will never come off as a true hard ass .. he just to big of a dork

  • Kris

    gotta say im not a biology major, but ive never heard of a body part called the heard, but id gladly explore her entire body looking for it.

  • Eric

    LOL jay beat me to it.

  • Uzoma Iwuagwu

    They better book Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) to win the United States Title from The Miz!

  • jay

    if i was her attorney i would get her off to

  • ??

    I agree with Burt. And then maybe the US belt will get defended a lot more.

  • venom

    I agree with Burt.

  • Burt

    I think they will put the US belt on Danielson and later that night, perhaps after the main event, Miz will cash in MITB and become the new WWE champion.

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