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Possible reason why Paige didn’t appear on Raw despite being backstage

We have noted before how Paige was in town for Monday’s Episode of Raw and it was heavily rumored that she will be returning to the company during the show.

However, for the disappointment of fans, the return never took place and it left people wondering why WWE flew her in if there were no plans for the former Diva’s Champion to make an appearance.

Now Wrestling Observer has revealed a possible reason why Paige was called for the Raw episode but was not used on the show. According to it, the plans for the Women’s match which saw Bayley earning a spot on the Survivor Series team was changed 3 times.

The original plans saw Bayley winning the match but then for a while officials had changed their mind and they had decided to bring Paige back to win the match and get the final spot.

However, they apparently changed their mind once again later in the day and decided to go with the original plans which resulted in Bayley earning the victory instead.

While they don’t reveal why the company changed their plans, PWinsider indicates that Paige posted a photo with Alicia Fox from backstage before the show, which might have forced officials to make this change

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Or they could just drop Alicia Fox instead…. Lord knows why she’s even there

  • CC

    And yet nobody has ever done that despite how many hundreds of wrestlers they have released. Do you not think that WWE does not have the savvy to include a release clause in all contracts and this is why they can future endeavour people? You have to remember that wrestlers in WWE are not employed by WWE, they are independent contractors. Something many wrestlers have complained about over the years.

    And another thing you are forgetting is she asked to be released last year, and they refused.

  • MrDr3w

    And if someone was wrongfully terminated and wanted to sue, they would. Paige has created enough publicity for the company already. I’m sure they don’t want a lawsuit on top of everything.

  • Chad Boswell

    Well now there is a spot open for the Smackdown women’s team. It’s either Nattie or Paige.

  • Buzzkiller73

    She needs a Sasha heel to work with so she can regain her confidence. IMO

  • CC

    Of course there is still another option to be considered.
    We get to Survivor series and someone (probably Fox or Bayley) gets laid out back stage. Nobody seems to know who it was that did it, and then suddenly after the four members of team Raw make it to the ring, out comes Paige.
    Would not be the first time we saw that tactic, and wont be the last.

  • CC

    Do you think that every time they let someone go that is under contract, that they need a reason?
    If they wanted to let her go, they would.

  • MrDr3w

    They probably wanna piss her off so that she quits, because I don’t think they can legally fire her for what she’s done thus far.

  • ThatStrange1

    Personally I think they needed to go with it because the women’s Survivor Series match doesn’t really have any fuel going into the PPV, mostly because of how they’re treating all of them like such bland characters. Alicia Fox is the only exaggerated personality in the team, and without anyone to bounce off of, she’s just gonna be seen as annoying. Paige’s return would really help spice it up a little bit, plus if Bayley got screwed over by Paige taking her spot out of nowhere, it could set up a feud and add a layer to her character. Idk if I’d turn Bayley heel but she needs SOMETHING.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I think they created enough excitement with the latest additions to the main event, as well as changing Lesnar’s opponent. Really no reason to have another return and cut Bayley (or the others) out at this point when they’re ready to go. Just have Paige show up at SS or on Raw the next night. No biggie.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    A) I don’t think there would have been any better way for her to return and it’s going to make her return a lot less impactful. B) We aren’t stupid and the WWE needs to stop changing things because of “spoilers” or social media.