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Possible reason why WWE has held off roster cuts this year


WWE usually releases a few stars every year after WrestleMania but this year that company has held off the roster cuts so far which has been a topic of discussion among fans.

At start, it was believed that Officials had to focus on the Greatest Royal Rumble immediately after WrestleMania and hence they did not think of releasing talents. But now it appears that there is more to the story.

Wrestles Votes twitter account, which has broken a few stories in the past recently made a tweet and pointed out how most WWE contracts still have a 90 days non compete clause attached to them:

What’s interesting here is that the self-financed ALL In event of Cody Rhodes and Young Bucks will be taking place on September 1st, within the 90 days period of the mentioned date of June 4rth.

So while it’s not a confirmed story, many believe that the company is holding off the releases up until June in order to prohibit talents from appearing at the indie show.

Though this strategy will only work if the ALL In event is broadcasted somewhere but considering Cody Rhodes’ comments about the matter it’s very much possible that the trio will find a way to broadcast their show and it looks like WWE is at least trying what they can to stop talents from appearing at the event.

  • d

    We would like to wish you the best in your future endeavors but we really don’t want you to succeed anywhere else

  • CC

    Would they really worry about talent not being able to be at a show which does not even have a broadcast deal? Doesn’t a no complete clause only cover shows that are broadcast? I am sure in the past wrestlers have still been able to do indy shows etc, as long as they are not on tv or DVD etc

  • Will Henderson

    in other words, the mass releases will happen in June, shortly after it gets to where the countdown to “All In” is at 89 days.