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Possible Storyline Spoiler on CM Punk Getting a Bodyguard on SmackDown

Source: PWInsider

– There have been talks in WWE creative meetings about giving World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk a bodyguard. The original idea was to put Ezekiel Jackson with Punk since he did well as Brian Kendrick’s bodyguard but WWE wants him to develop more on the ECW brand.

Festus has also been talked about as Punk’s bodyguard with the storyline that Punk either got him “off his medication” or would be controlling him by “feeding him pills” to enhance Punk’s heel straight-edge gimmick. This is why Festus has been off TV in recent weeks, in case they decide to go forward with him as Punk’s bodyguard.

  • Shawn (wrestling freak)

    I also like the idea of Mike Knox. He is big and brutal. Although I’m not sure that CM Punk should have a body guard. This would make him look weak and make him look lake he cannot win a match on his own. If the bodyguard idea does go through my best suggestion is not to let him get to involved.

  • Sam Malone

    I’m with Mike Knox being the bodyguard. I like that idea. Kane is an established veteran and doesn’t need to be an underling to Punk. Knox is still struggling to find his niche. And his new “mad scientist” type of whacko character isn’t bad. Keep that rolling, while being Punk’s muscle.

    Punk gets by Taker while Taker can feud with Knox, giving Knox some exposure, but ultimately losing to Taker. But it’ll put Knox on the map. If not, then he’ll be released by this time next year. Knox is not a bad idea at all.

  • John

    I like trevor’s idea of it being knox…him and punk would mix better…i think a better idea would be to have danielson and mcguiness debut and join punk in some kind of ROH gimmick

  • hbkfan

    festus is an a**hole and punk is a bigger one. they suck

  • slapnutz

    The Festus idea is hillarious. I like hillarious go with that one.

  • FTR

    I’m loving the idea of Punk having a bodyguard that also becomes straight-edge. Punk always talks about raising a S-E army and converting people. It sounds great.

    At the same time, his character is that of an outcast, a lone warrior misunderstood by the evil of society.

    I think it would be great to have a bodyguard for him, but it has to be the right guy. Not sure about having guys like Kane because come on, he doesn’t need another new gimmick.

    I like the idea of using Festus a lot. He is new, his gimmick can be changed, and he is a young talent. Imagine him as the Freakin Deacon or something like that.

    One thing is for damn sure– CM PUNK as champ is damn interesting and fresh. You dont get ideas like this on Raw where Cena, Orton and HHH all fuck each other for the hundredth time.

  • Kdog

    Kane is a good idea. I didn’t really think of that. Have him try to be normal with Punk’s tutoring of straight edge, yet still be conflicted with his psycho tendancies. That would be pretty good.

  • jimbo rogers brain

    i say kane aswell, as dey r a good team and he can fued 2 undertakers retirement

  • clement savignac

    kane would be better they could says he did all the crazy thing in his life because he was an addicct now punk save him i would growt the hair, put him in a suit and loose the contact lense

  • Kdog

    I wish WWE would bring back SID even if only for a short time. SID could be Punk’s bodygaurd until Punk smacks him around and SID powerbombs him 4 or 5 times like he did HBK all those years ago.

  • The Truth

    I say you use Jericho and Big Show as punks “guards”. That stable would be pretty good. Think about it, Punk is Straight Edge, Jericho is a Straight Talker and Big Show is, uh… well he’s really big. Plus, it works because they’re all champions.

  • nottingham

    Like the idea… but like it more if Festus has any sort of mic skills so he could play the straight role… Don’t like the feed him pills idea.

  • Trevor

    Not a bad idea of having Festus as his bodyguard…Festus is pretty good in the ring and all. I think a better idea would be to put Mike Knox as his bodyguard though. Knox is a better talent to put over. Knox in a suit and tie talking about his intellectual stuff would be fun to watch.

  • *Stardust*

    You gotta be kidding