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– New promotional material from TNA for their No Surrender pay-per-view says that Kurt Angle will face Jeff Hardy. This year’s show takes place on September 5th from the iMPACT Zone in Orlando. Here’s the poster and synopsis:

For the first time ever on Pay-per-View, it’s Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy. Only one will survive. TNA Wrestling presents No Surrender Live! Sunday September 5th only on Pay-per-View. * Actual card subject to change.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I think the real point here is simple:
    Hardy is currently ranked… either first or second in TNA’s ranking system?

    This basically means that it’s now a given that angle is going to beat everyone on the list up to hardy.
    I actually hope Hardy beats angle, and they end up having a re-match where angle eventually wins.

  • adam tarasievich

    i thought so. I like that since angle is beating jeff hardy everyone thinks he is a douche. Just like when punk beat hardy everyone hated him. What is jeff hardy the golden child he isnt allowed to be beat by anyone.

  • scooter

    @powerbombin midgets
    hows angle a douche? he’s said in the past the reason he’s doing the angle as it gives him a chance to work with the young talent so he can help them out

  • NJ

    @ adam tarasievich, your right it is Anderson

  • adam tarasievich

    is that kurt i thought it was mr. anderson.

  • brian

    screw kurt angle he looks like a cancer patient lol

  • Jon-Jon

    That should be a good match! Can’t wait to see it. Kurt WILL become world champion again!

  • powerbombin midgets

    so i guess angles going undefeated until he wins the title….theres another douche

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