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Poster and Synopsis for WWE’s 2012 Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View with Kane

– Kane is featured on the new poster for WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. This year’s event takes place on April 29th from Chicago, IL. Here is the poster and synopsis from InDemand:

“Extreme times call for extreme rules. Don’t miss John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, The Miz and all your favorite WWE Superstars put it all on the line at Extreme Rules, Sunday, live on Pay-Per-View.”

  • Hunter

    R-Truth in the first ever ”water bottle match”. Extreme.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Why do you guys want to get rid of this PPV? Chair shots to the back are EXTREME!!!

  • Kris

    So Jason, you need tog et your company to venture over here to Colorado..

  • Jason

    PR and promotion work

  • Nick

    @kluh em pu
    your fucked

  • Bill

    I really hope they keep this poster. Last year, there was an awesome CM Punk one, but they changed it for a cheesy Cena one.

  • kluh em pu

    I have a treat for everybody today. Has anybody ever wondered what it would sound like if ric flair and hulk Hogan were having sex what it sound like? Here u go
    Wooooooo stick it in my ass Hogan wooooooo.
    Ohhhh brother my rock hard Weiner is about to spit my man juice all over u
    Wooooooo I want it Hogan. Cum in my but woooo
    wooooo wooooo
    My 24 inch pythons and my 24 inch Weiner are about to explode

  • uta

    i agree king of the ring would be a welcome edition to the PPV roster but i should focus on the tornament and maybe the obvious two world title matches make the tournament have 16 stars in and finish it in one night.

  • BestInTheWorld

    Kane vs Orton again. This time there will be a stipulation attached to it. I want it to be a #1 contenders match.

  • Austin

    Kane hopefully is actually on the card!

  • Nick

    If MITB isnt going to be done at WRESTLEMANIA, which i think it should be, than it should be on this PPV

  • Jason

    I may work for TNA but I can’t lie that is a nice poster. Well done

  • Devil_Rising

    KOTR would be the RR if wwe like to push SS as WM for the summer. the KOTR getting title shot at SS makes sense to build a rivalry worthy of improving SS stance as WM of the summer

  • Gorilla

    How about bringing back Break Down because that’s literally is what’s happening to WWE’S product

  • Dazzling Daz B

    Im with Diesel just makes no sense when the event is anything but extreme. It used to be Backlash after Wrestlemania. I say bring back Backlash and just be done with Extreme Rules!!

  • PinkSinCara

    ^^ I completely agree. Extreme Rules is beyond lame. I would love for King of the Ring to come back to PPV

  • Diesel

    It still makes me laugh how they’re STILL keeping the “Extreme Rules” PPV considering it’s not exactly “extreme” anymore. I mean yeah ONS in 2005 was great (2006 was alright but far from perfect), but they really should just give it up now. I mean lets face it theres not really much “extreme” stuff you can do in a family friendly atmosphere, I say just leave it as a good memory & bring back one of the classic Pay Per Views like maybe King Of The Ring, Judgement Day, No Way Out etc.