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Poster for WWE Studios’ Inside Out, Michael Tarver Still Ranting on John Cena

– Below is the new promotional poster for WWE Studios’ Inside Out, starring Triple H. The movie comes out on September 9th:

– Former WWE Superstar Tyrone “Michael Tarver” Evans of Nexus fame has went on his Twitter and posted more comments about John Cena. Here’s the latest:

“Thanx for the tweets but I dont hate cena I learned alot from him in ring and behind the scenes ALOT behind the scenes but ,,,,,,,

no lol I was fine with that it was a ppv when he hit myself and otunga with miltiple chair shots that we didnt know were coming and one was aimed for my head so I out my arm up to protect myself and the chair caught my arm and fractured it but I kept working if you notice the raw when the nexus had a guantlet against cena I had alot more tape on my left arm because it was fractured and I didnt know it yet for sure along with a slew of injuries I was working on but im a machine.

john cena is a superstar and a work horse for wwe ,just not a very good person lol”

  • king of the south

    i am feeling what shawn said why are you mad at tarver? If Cena broke your arm unesseseraly u’d be mad too. Tarver is aight with me . You guys hate anyone not liking anyone huh ? Even with good reason. Its cause Tarver is black huh?
    he kinda sucked in the ring on the other hand.

  • Nicholas G

    Oh Michael Tarver just trying out for TNA right now. I mean the guy is out of work and is looking to work anywhere. Problem is he is not even that good. To me when a wrestler like Tarver start ranting to much on the internet it just tells me that career is over an he has nothing else to do.

  • Estaban


    the fucks wrong wit u people….

    Isn’t that suppose to be what the f**k. are you Tav on another profile (was shawn profile hacked more to the point)

  • Justin


    Lol Rappaport and Posey should fire their agents for this. Well, they DID accept to do a WWE movie as dumb as this, so it’s their fault too,

  • shawn

    the fucks wrong wit u people. he exclaimed whatever pissed him off and now hes responding that with better explanation of why he may hold a grudge against cena. he was hurt by the mentioned chairshots by cena, the sometimes target of all peoples insults. and yet you have respect for the man (Cena), right. then know respect and grudges go hand and hand sometimes and that tarver knows more than you.

  • John Cheesa

    What in the world is wrong with Michael Tarver? Good grief.

  • Bill

    The name “Inside Out” is pretty deceiving. I expected a cheesy kids comedy… haha. Plus, Michael Traver is stupid. That is all.

  • CC

    Tarver = retard.

  • Mabry

    yes, it is agent Self from Prison Break….

  • Seth

    Parker Posey, sigh… I had such high hopes for her.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    another wwe film….another fail…

  • Jon

    I bet Tarver what to explain that he twitter is hacked

  • venom

    My 3 year old son writes better than Traver. At least with this tweet, he sounds a little more sober.

  • wAnxTa

    Is that that Prison Break guy ? He is annoying.