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Post-Payback Storyline Update on Ryback, Attendance for Last Night, Seth Rollins Reacts

– The announced attendance for WWE’s Payback pay-per-view was 14,623 from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. The event was sold out.

– Seth Rollins tweeted after he and Roman Reigns retained the WWE Tag Team Titles at Payback:

“Was there ever even a question? Always bet on black. We are the emergent leaders and this generation is ours. #payback #believeintheshield”

– WWE’s website has an article up noting that Ryback refused medical attention after losing the Three Stages of Hell match against John Cena at last night’s Payback pay-per-view. WWE is promising an update on tonight’s RAW. The WWE Universe Twitter account tweeted:

“Just learned that @Ryback22 has refused to go to the hospital and is currently being evaluated by @WWE doctors. #Payback”

  • Pewp

    With less impact, than the impact of Cena making him look goofy and neutralizing his presence.

  • TOmC

    Not sure if you’ve actually been paying ATTENTION … but they’ve had Ryback standing over a smashed Cena several times over the last month.

  • Pewp

    No offense but Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (and Roman Reigns) have more talent than Skip Sheffield. That said, Ryback was lucky to be given such a gimmick, if they would have given that to Bull Buchanan or Adam Bomb, I promise they would have been “Uber Over” as well.

    The problem is that Super Cena is the type of face who no-sells and always stands over his victim on RAW, leaving only one reason why people like me already knew the result without any mystery. Ryback should have done to John Cena what Bret Hart did to Stone Cold Steve Austin, maybe use the Torture Rack as a new finisher.

    Instead, they have Cena make him look goofy on the mike, and pose over him every week.

  • TOmC

    I get that and all . . . but then again, if the formula ain’t broke, no need to fix it.

    I WOULD like to see them have Ryback revert back to a face and go at it with Brock Lesner. Just don’t write Ryback as such a pushover pansy as they did with “The Shield”

  • Jeff Wurtz

    The problem is they didn’t want him to be Goldberg. They want him to be something completely different.

  • TOmC

    Pity that they decided to turn Ryback heel … He had the potential to be the next Goldberg if the WWE writers didn’t have their collective heads implanted so deeply within their asses