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Post-Surgery Update on Cara, Rollins Comments on Attacks, Reigns

– The Shield’s Roman Reigns gets the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website today.

– Speaking of The Shield, Seth Rollins continues to tweet about the recent attacks on various Superstars:

“People don’t like the idea of justice because it forces them to pick a side. Action begets reaction. #believeintheshield #justicelives”

– Sin Cara noted on Twitter that his knee surgery went well and that he is back at home in Mexico. Cara’s surgery was actually arthroscopic knee surgery and he should be back in action soon.

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  • Stevie P

    I think what The Shield represents is the anti-WWE typical storyline where the heels all get treated like crap and the babyfaces don’t. The babyfaces in WWE even does heelish type things and still looks like a good guy. The Shield comes off as correcting the heelish type things (most of them) coming from the faces.

  • Dan

    I think the main reason The Shield is sticking to just attacking only faces and not heels is because the Nexus would attack anyone, but the WWE is trying to avoid making the Shield into a Nexus 2.0

  • The shield is the best thing to happen in the wwe for a long time

  • anghellic1

    They shouldve just booked the as tweeners and attack both

  • Shawn

    I bet the Shield will eventually be seen as a face group. Which is sad. Stupid. But exactly what WWE thinks is best. Morons.

  • Buttercastle

    Weird how this “justice” they talk about only seems to favor heels though. If they translated that to real life situations, they’d be helping criminals and bullies.