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– Former WWE star Luke Gallows will be appearing at the GXW promotion’s World War Xero Extreme Violence show on Saturday, February 12th in Richmond, Virginia at Aurora.

– EMLL’s press conference yesterday to discuss the news of Mistico going to WWE was postponed to an unknown date.

– The WWE Supershow this past Sunday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania drew 7,300 fans while Monday Night RAW the next night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin drew 5,600 fans.

– Word going around is that WWE officials have discussed The Undertaker vs. Triple H for WrestleMania 27 in a Career vs. Streak match with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee.

Partial source: PWInsider.com

  • Desmond

    If the streak does end,i reckon someone like Kofi Kingston should end it,now that would be amazing

  • simon

    Taker is 45 years old, his body cant take a big hitter such as hunter, nash has had numerous injuries and taker v nash has the potential to turn in to the infamous sycho sid v vader match that vince said he never wanted to see again…It would be nice to see both hunter and taker to retire in the ring against either a hall of famer or a young up and coming wrestler who could carry the torch for them both

  • nando

    Kevin Nash should challenge Undertaker for WM27. Nash has nothing to lose, Taker has. WWE has not made much heel stars to make a match with Undertaker. The same about face stars. This is transitional time for WWE old school stars and new generation wrestlers. Almost all of the older wrestlers wrestled Undertaker in legendary matches, but new stars can not be a good match for the Phenom.

  • The Alex

    There is not enough time to built this match.

  • Dave

    I say that HBK comes out mocking Taker, causing everyone to jizz in their pants. Then Taker will come out making it seem like HBK will wrestle him again, but he’ll say he has a different plan, and it’ll be HHH. Taker vs HHH w/ HBK as ref is then set up.


    2 21 11 tripple H, he will be the one in the coat mocking the undertaker, taker will return and set up for the match

  • Chris

    Undertaker has said before that he does not care for his streak and doesn’t mind losing his streak in a spectacular way. He specifically said that he would prefer to face his “brother” Kane at WrestleMania one year and lose it to him as that would be a great end to a classic rivalry/storyline. Note: Taker and Kane are very good friends in real life and I think that would be a great idea.

    For the record, I would want either Taker vs. Brock Lesner or Taker vs. Triple H as the ONLY two options for WrestleMania 27.

  • karloss

    In my mind,there is only one huge Wrestlemania match that has yet to happen(with both superstars actually on the WWE roster)…and it’s Taker vs Cena.

  • under the ring

    HHH will return as heel and will thank Sheamus “for reminding me who the hell I am.”

  • grapplin gorilla


  • Valo487

    If this happens and Triple H wins, he’ll wish he’d retired when the fans turn on him for good. NO ONE wants the streak to end to Triple H. This would be a terrible idea.

  • TomC

    So, it looks like the WWE cookie cutter WresteMania match over the last several years is “Wrestler-X wants to retire/be behind the scenes, so we’ll do a “Career vs. ???” match and have Wrestler-X lose.”


  • Automattic

    Ending Michaels’ and Hunter’s careers in back-to-back years? That would be an amazing end to Undertaker’s own career.

    But with the unfinished business between Hunter and Sheamus, I just don’t see it happening this year.

  • Ronald

    This is the most obvious scenario that everyone has been discussing for a long, long time. The match would be boring as hell, but WWE thinks HBK as ref would sell. Honestly, does Hunter really want to return just to job to ‘Taker? And lets say he pulls a Nash and books himself to break the streak? There would be pandemonium!

  • kpnuttzlol

    Thinking about it I can see Triple H returing on Monday or 2 21 11 and Undertaker returning aswell to build up a feud for Mania with the Streak vs Career and I think Taker would win since HHH is looking to do more work behind the scenes than in the ring.

  • JD

    I imagine whoever is behind the 2.21.11 video will wind up being the match at WM for the Undertaker. All signs point to Taker returning on that date but since it’s a RAW show, I could see someone like Triple H also returning to challenge him.

    After watching two awesome matches with HBK and Taker, I can’t say there’s much else that would excite me for a Taker match at the big show. Maybe Taker vs Cena or Taker vs HHH. But that’s about it. Taker vs Barrett would just be a waste at this point.

  • http://www.hotdamnshortsales.com hotdamnshortsalesdotcom

    taker didn’t win 19 in a row to lose his last one, so he aint losin. AND triple H aint retiring, SO, does not look like that would happen. however, i HOPE they find some super super star match as main event. something like that. NOT nexus vs the corre or orton vs miz, i mean seriously? for wrestlemania? i have seen that match 20 times over on RAW. i really hope they pull something out of their creative asses for this WM because right now IT AINT LOOKIN GOOD!!! A rio? nexus? corre? cm punk, orton and cena? come on, boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring!!!

  • adam

    i can’t see triple h lossing his return match espically with hbk as ref that way streak ends but with an astrik

  • Leon


  • mark

    Cant see Taker wanting to break his streak. I think though this should be Takers last mania, His body cannot take it anymore.

  • Bryan

    If this match does come about this would be a big time deal and no doubt the Main Event.

    If you can believe what you read, these 2 do no like each other behind the scenes and with as much power as both have, it would be interesting to see how it would play out.

    In the end, I belive Taker would go over so Hunter could retire (in ring) and focus on his career behind the scenes.

  • http://threestan.com Tristanhag

    Rematch? Tombstone flipped into tombstone followed by Last ride from the corner turnbuckle. Followed by Big Show vs Kane vs Raven for hardcore title. Cue Scotty too Hottie and the Worm. Cue Rikishi. I did it for the Rock. I did it for the people.

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