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Praise for Santino Marella Last Night, Chamber Trends, News on the WWE Draft

– Some of the WWE terms trending worldwide last night during Elimination Chamber were John Cena, Kane, The Great Khali, Teddy Long, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston.

– The 2012 WWE Draft will reportedly take place on the April 23rd three-hour RAW Supershow from Detroit, Michigan.

– There was lots of praise backstage last night for Santino Marella’s performance in the Elimination Chamber match. Jim Ross took to Twitter to praise Santino:

“Santino 2nite a great example of talent’s maximizing their minutes on TV/PPV. Santino’s gotten over w/ humor. Fans like him. Simple concept.”

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  • Chris

    Mattytas perhaps you should give TNA another try, there product is much better now vs. last year. I’m a huge WWE fan but even I will say TNA is the best wrestling show on at the moment. Of course I’m not a brand mark so that might help.. lol

  • gsondj


    Yeah, because what Kurt Angle says carries any weight these days!

  • Nicholas

    I love how Jason brings up the age part since he never acts his age. I said this once already you want to know the real reason why the attitude era is dead. Look at guys like Jason people like him are the ones who killed it. The guy make sense only to himself. I mean to compare Santino to Garrett is so dam stupid only he would chose Eric son over a real wrestler like Santino. Now I agree with everybody else that said he is not Wwe or World champion type of wrestler. But he still is a guy that can be in the Wwe for a long time.

  • Mattytas

    LOL @ anyone who still watches TNA..JUst a complete joke that crap is.

  • LSC

    Santino got the biggest pop of the night because he had the crowd on their feet.

  • Jason

    Garrett owns Santino and only a WWE mark between the age of 3 and 16 would say anything dif. Kurt Angle himself says Garrett has a bright future in this business. What Kurt Angle thinks owns what you WWE marks think…

  • chronoxiong

    Great performance by Santino. He was the “Jeremy Lin” of the show indeed. Also, what’s the point of having a Draft this year? Feels like there is no brand extension anymore. Vince loves to keep stacking up RAW’s roster anyways.

  • scooter

    @jason well if tna decided to push eric young (basically their answer to santino) I’d be delighted garet sucks and he’s only being pushed because of who his daddy is where as santino and EY are great comedy wrestlers

  • lew

    @jason would rather see santino than garret bischoff any day of the week and i been watchin tna since they had the weekly ppvs

  • Jimbo

    What is their to praise?! They had a comedy jobber walk into the EC and eliminate Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. Are the writers brain-dead?!

  • Jason

    It’s sad when shit talent like him gets pushes over way better talent. You WWE marks bash TNA for pushing Garrett Bischoff in a mid card fued but eat it up when they push this jobber in a main event segment/match. What a joke

  • shawn

    @mark he eliminated Cody Rhodes, the IC champ… you know where im going with this right?

  • Wellsy

    I think Santino would run well in a similar gimmick to R-Truth. Completely nuts, but a bad ass. At the moment he’s completely nuts, but a soft ass.

  • Bawb

    I’d be floored if he served this humorous face gimmick and fucked someone up as a crazy Italian heel.

  • Leon

    Am I the only one who watch this live and thought he was worthless. He did 2 school boys and a hip toss and the stupid cobra finish. Most of the time he got his butt whooped and did nothing. What am I not seeing. Yeah he is a little funny but to me I don’t want funny. I want someone who can wrestle. This was a huge waste of a spot. He is worthless.

  • Davey Zoo

    The best things on the show were santino and the divas match. Maybe just me that thinks so but I definateley enjoyed them the most.

  • Stevie P

    He needs to keep up with his gimmick but not to be used as a squash guy. He’s a solid mid-carder with a nice push and they should keep him there.

  • santino needs a push but not a world or wwe title push maybe i dont think hes ready yet perhaps another ic title push

  • Buttercastle

    Santino was also trending last night. Hopefully he gets a big push after last night and it wasn’t just a one time deal.