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- Courtesy of WWEdvdnews.com, here is a preview of a new song by John Cena and rapper Bumpy Knuckles that is featured on WWE’s new John Cena Experience DVD. Word is that the song will be released on iTunes in the future and their are no plans to use it as Cena’s theme.

- Below is a new video from G4 where WWE Superstar The Miz has some words for The Rock:

  • Chris

    AWESOME**** And he says Really? Really now

  • Chris

    Wtf is the Miz talkin about all he does is say hes awsome…Rock would whip that ass. Know Your Role Miz

  • Vic

    Cena’s song is pretty sick, good beat. It was actually used in his movie Legendary which was actually a good movie. Way better than The Marine & 12 Rounds.

  • RKOmonster

    damn, the miz cannot wrestle! when did he put a good match!! when has he ever carried a good match!!?

  • The_Electrifying_One

    The Miz is one of the people in WWE that I love to hate. Great wrestler, good interviews. But he isnt there yet. 5years time he will be the biggest in the company.

    Also I sence a bit of viral advertising for the Rock there.

  • yechiel {israel}

    i would like to say stick to wrestling but he can’t wrestle either. love him or hate him he’s the biggest star in the wwe. i despise his gimmick and character but at least he’s doing some good things with his popularity{make a wish foundation}and that’s why it’s so hard to hate him as a person{i really respect him for that.

  • Sourceless Random Guy

    Oh Matt, thank you very much. At least someone recognizes one.

    The Cena song wasn’t bad and I won’t end my sentences with “lol” at the end. Also, I think that will be his new theme if he turns heel. That’s what I think.

  • Rock Bottom Baby

    The rock :happy birthday to steph you a ho with big breasts, so take the night of from hooking if you SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING !!
    Miz please you cant even get to that level the Rock was on. Rock rocked the mic no question.

  • Vampirekiller

    I know everyone hates cena ( me included) but that song wasnt that bad! and Miz is great on the mic and I have to give him credit because his promos are awesome


    I find it funny how no one commented on the crappy Cena song lol, but I guess the fact that it was so crappy explains that lol. Glad he isn’t using that as his theme, even though I thought Cena was past the rapper gimmick now since he hasn’t done anything rap in about 4 years really. Maybe it’s from back then

  • Devil_Rising Jr

    @Matt, No one Cares!

  • Simon

    And to think, when him and Morrison teamed up, i always thought Morrisson would make it to the top and Miz would be the Mid-Carder. Im actually happy my thoughts were wrong, its rare to be proved wrong and be suprised when it comes to wrestling in this day and age. The Miz really has improved over the past year alone, let alone his career. I say good job Miz, you’ve shown that the “underdog” really can achieve his goals and dreams.

  • Rated Phenomenal

    The Rock’s catchphrases:
    •You will go one on one with the Great One!
    •Who in the blue hell are you?
    •Finally…The Rock…has come back to (whatever city he’s in at the time)
    •If you smell what The Rock is cooking!
    •The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel!
    •It doesn’t matter what you think
    •The Rock says…
    •Know your role and shut your mouth!
    •It doesn’t matter what your name is!
    •The Rock is ‘The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment!’
    •Just bring it!
    •I’m gonna take this (object), shine it up real nice, turn it side ways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!
    •Do you like pie?
    •The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, the best in the present, future and past, and if ya’ll don’t like me you can kiss the people’s ass!

    The Miz’s catchphrases:
    •Beacause I’m the Miz and I’m…………….AWESOME!

  • Matt

    i love how you morons dont recognize an ‘in character’ interview when you see it :D :D :D

  • Davey Zoo

    When i started watching wrestling again about 4 years ago and i saw JBL mocking this guy every week I never would of thought he would of become the man in the WWE who is, in my opinion, the most interesting person to watch (along with CM Punk and up until a couple of weeks ago Y2J). But every week his wrestling improves and he constantly shows why he is “Awesome”. I also think he takes A-Rod to his improv class as well as that guy is funny!!!

  • keylo

    this gezzer is a twat, 1 min he saying I’m the hardest worker,then if I win belt I’ll only defend when forced too. He also says rock was his favourite, n then makes out rock had only 3 lines, u have 1 idiot n are not a patch on rock on the mic. I never hope to see a person hurt,but him love to see his career end now.

  • Sourceless Random Guy

    “…will be released on iTunes in the future and THERE are no plans to use it as Cena’s theme.”


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