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— Matches advertised to take place on tonight’s episode of SmackDown are Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. World Heavyweight Champion Kane and Alberto Del Rio in a tag team match and Hornswoggle vs The Soaring Eagle. Other bouts taking place include Dolph Ziggler defending the Intercontinental Title against Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger vs. Kaval, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs. Drew McIntyre and Chavo Guerrero, and Natalya vs. Layla.

— WWE has released a video preview of its Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD set, which hits stores this Tuesday. They have posted online the title’s piece on former WWE Champion The Rock, which includes comments from John Cena and The Miz, among others.

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— Former WWE and TNA talent Lance Hoyt (a/k/a Vance Archer) will be a guest tonight on Unplugged. Hoyt will discuss his TNA run as well as his time in WWE and subequent release. The interview will be live at 10:30 EST following WWE SmackDown on www.sundaynightshowdown.com with questions being asked for the chatroom as well as e-mails.

  • Sione Johns

    You who say he was average haven’t watched wrestling. The Rock was never average – that’s why he rose to the top of the industry so fast. That’s why he’s doing bigger and better things now. That’s why he will always achieve more than you physically, mentally, socially, and politically…We all know you’ll never touch him financially!

  • Smell it?

    So, maybe some may say he was not the greatest wrestler. But you cant and I dont care who you ask, he was hands down the best on the mic. Personally I think his wrestling was pretty good. He always did a good job selling and jobbing. If you ask me he and stone cold took that company to a whole nother level. I remember watching every week glued to the TV with the guys and gals waiting for him to come on. We did no care about the wrestling, its what came out of his mouth. The guy was truly good at his craft, fault him for leaving. Nope. I respect a guy who took a gamble and went into the movie business. Lets face it he cant wrestle forever. And it would not shock me to seem him back in a mic manner. But wrestling full time or even part time naw. Just pick the mic up thats all hes got to do. They just need to loose the bs PG gimmick. I mean you think your gonna see a bear truck roll out on Monday and hose the ring down with beer? Now that would not be good PG. The guy gave us a lot and gave it 100 percent. So, I guess some can say he turned his back. But non of us know the true story. The Rock was and is a great entertainer.
    Thank god for the youtube clips. Nothing like memory lane!

  • The Anti Cena

    there is a reason why he s called the great one. he left wwe on his own terms with no damage to his health physical or mental. plus even though he has turned his back on the company he always seem to show up in their video games

  • Gary

    ^ agree, and i wanna ask the 2 people that said he was average and ima ask you why he was just average? He was ONE of the best at selling finishing moves(Watch him vs hbk and scsa) No he wasnt a highflyer that did 360’s or moonsaults or anything like a spot monkey but as a techinal wrestler, one of the best in ring, no matter what u 16 and younger PG fans wanna say….Period….

  • skitzo

    The Rock was fantastic in the ring. Remember this kiddies of the PG era. It does not matter how many fancy moves you can string together in a match that makes you a great wrestler. It is knowing when to use the right moves at the right time. Case in point: Dean Malenko had “1,000 holds”, never main evented a PPV ever. The Rock had maybe a handful of moves, and is an icon in wrestling. Food for thought.

  • venom

    The Rock did nothing special in the ring. He was great on the mic. The Rock won’t comeback because he is still sleeping in Smackdown Hotel.

  • effmenow


    kids these days….

  • Katatonia

    On the mic he was amazing but in the ring he was average.

  • Gary

    Dont care what anyone says after i say this (disrespectful wise) but The Rock will always b one of the greatest to ever do it, Ring skills and Mic skills, always was one of the best….unlike others Im okay with The Rock leaving wrestling, But if WWE ever gets its head out of its ass and gets out of PG land, Maybe just Maybe The rock would be good for 1 more run

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