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Preview for Tonight’s Episode of Impact Wrestling

Tonight Impact Wrestling will be live from the Impact Zone. Here is the official preview for tonight’s event.

Preview Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c! If you can’t watch the action on Thursday, make sure to set your DVR!

– It’s the countdown to the Lockdown event! Thursday’s IMPACT is the final battleground before the war in the cage on Sunday – what will happen on Thursday that could potentially alter Lockdown? Tune in and find out!

– Who did Kurt Angle see after he infiltrated the Aces and Eights clubhouse and unmasked the gang’s VP? The Aces attacked Angle before he could show the world – but will Angle reveal his identity on Thursday? What is Angle’s condition after the brawl? Don’t miss it!

– With the Lethal Lockdown teams set, there will be a Best-Of-Three Series between Team TNA and Aces and 8s on Thursday’s IMPACT! Whoever wins determines who has man advantage going into Lethal Lockdown!

– What will be the fate of the Gut Check contestants? This past week, female newcomers Lei’d Tapa and Ivelisse Velez battled for a chance be the next TNA Knockout! Who will the judges pick to join the roster?

All this and much mow on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV at 8/7c!

  • The Killswitch

    I chose to leave it because for the most part, his post was on-topic. I have warned you both equally, and any further spamming or flaming will be dealt with. Learn to handle opposing opinions without resorting to attacking others over them.

  • Guest

    ok Killswtich I just get tired of the negativity on hear! And just because you dont agree with certian people they resort to childish name calling. But your right personally I find all sorts of wrestling entertaining. I see that his idiot comment was not removed though!

  • The Killswitch

    Stay on topic, people.

  • KJ

    Actually, I prefer TNA over WWE. Tazz’s commentary is very inconsistent and Briscoe can’t work the mic. The set ups were not up to par at all to any of the previous TNA shows.

  • Guest

    Why? Explain yourself if your going to make that comment then back it up with a reason why? Would you be happy if the WWE was the only wrestling option out there?

  • KJ

    This is the worst TNA has ever been. Tazz and Briscoe and who ever is writing this should be fired.