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– PWInsider reports that there are conflicting reports going around backstage at tonight’s TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view concerning World Champion Jeff Hardy.

One source said that Hardy would be pulled from tonight’s card and sent home due to concerns about his behavior backstage.

While Hardy may still work the pay-per-view main event against Matt Morgan, another source confirms there have been talks of changing tonight’s card due to Hardy.

  • erik

    I mean jeff drug problems remind me of hbk from late 90’s when hbk was on drugs all time. hhh even said on hbk dvd 3 years ago shawn was very angry person.

  • Danarchy

    Prob getting totally fucked up on drugs back stage…… Nothing new there!!!!!!

  • Juggalo

    Some of you are really retarded, lol. I can’t even come up with a more eloquent statement than that. I will say, I am glad they posted a follow up story, and you all who ragged on him look like a bunch of b-itches. <3 😉

  • Treg

    almost sounds like a work :/

  • HBK

    Hey guys; I had a thought whilst reading this article.

    I remember back in the late 90s when Shawn Michaels had a pill problem yet he was allowed to perform (while not physically cos’ of the bad back) visibly intoxicated in front on a live T.V. audience.

    If indeed Hardy was under the influence why would one company send him home while the other still allows the superstar to be showcased on national television?

    If anyone has any thoughts, would love to hear them. Cheers.

  • Valo487

    I hope this is not true, but if it is I won’t be surprised. If this is true, I hope someone finally wakes up and realizes that Jeff will only get worse if they don’t do something about his problems.

    On another note, I find it really amusing that TNA’s world champion was almost sent home because of his behavior and his brother willingly got let go from the biggest company in wrestling, yet they want to take shots at CM Punk. I’m sure Punk is really worried, considering he’s the only one of the three with job security.

  • Pieman

    what a joke. I think its crazy how people keep supporting Hardy through all the stupid things he does. He’s had so many chances and yet people still make excuses for him. Most common seems to be “It’s his personal life so he can do what he wants”. That’s true but if it affects your job then it’s not just your personal life. I used to be a fan of the Hardy’s just like the majority but the last year or so has just been a joke with both of them.

  • george

    @CM Mark or maybe he was getting stoned.

  • Sam_Tha_Great

    Jeff hardy needs to calm down and stroke the fur.

  • vinny

    its sad when tna can’t depend on their ‘world champion’, their ‘#1 guy’. You won’t ever hear wwe sending home the champion of their company.

  • CM Mark

    ROFL. He was probably getting wasted backstage.

  • idontknow2

    Meanwhile in TNA:
    Jeff:”I’M FREAKIN’ OUT MAN!!!”

  • Retired

    You know, In the day when wrestlers caused problems and caused things to not go right. They were either fined, suspended, or dismissed. In the case of Jeff Hardy, He is self distrucking. Puts me alot in the mind of Scott Hall. I think Jeff Hardy has had enough chances to straighten up. If he is fired from TNA. His main card appearances are over. Fire him and get on with it. Let Mr. Anderson give a quick count and A new champ. Kick Hardy to the curb and save some aggravation.

  • Jake

    marc middleton always posts a negative jeff hardy story.. so i take this with a grain of salt

  • idontknow2

    This why the wwe was afraid of putting the title on him.

  • vkmgetaclue

    Hardy in trouble again. No big surprise.

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