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New Promo for Kane’s Return, John Laurinaitis Attends Indy Event, The Bella Twins

– John Laurinaitis attended the High Velocity Wrestling show this past Saturday night in Henderson, NC. Laurinaitis may have been scouting talent as he watched the matches but left before the main event.

– As noted before, The Bella Twins were at the West Point Military Academy last week to run an obstacle course in front of the troops. The segment will air on WWE’s Tribute to the Troops next month. TMZ has picked up on the Twins’ appearance.

– Below is WWE’s new promo for the resurrection of Kane:

  • Bill

    About the Rumble, practically anyone can edit the pages! Hell, I could make it say Zack Ryder will win the Rumble……….. hey, that’s not a bad idea! WWWYKI!

  • Shadow Stepper

    i dont think kane will put the mask back on in previous promo’s his mask falls to the floor

  • venom

    Kane should bring the mask back.

  • D2K

    hink that took the scare factor out of Kane

  • D2K

    I also think Kane should not talk. That also t

  • Dominic

    I do hope Kane has the mask on when he does eventually return. Ever since the WWE made the decision to take the mask off Kane he has lost the ‘scare’ factor. Kane is portrayed as a monster..taking the mask off and making the product PG dumbed his character down considerably. Here’s hoping the masked Kane makes a scary return just like Undertaker did when he returned to face Kane at Wrestlemania 20!!

  • Pissed Off Fan

    Oh shit can anyone see Kane returning, winning the rumble, and challeging Mark Henry for the WHC?

  • nolan

    now it says Mick Foley is winnning

  • Pissed Off Fan

    I still think they should have made Kane’s return a secret and have him return at the Royal Rumble

  • If you go on wikipedia and search royal rumble 2012, it has cody rhodes winning. Remember a couple months back, it said on this site that wwe were leaning towards a smackdown star to winning it.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    That means absolutely nothing… Last RR it had Booker as the winner and like B said, it can be edited by anybody.

  • B

    I’m not sure why people assume “Wikkie” (assumedly as in “Wikipedia”) is cited as a credible source of information.

    NEWSFLASH: It can be edited by ANYBODY. Don’t believe it without another source verifying it.

  • item

    OK,i just googled the 2012 RR winner and the wiki link was up to date but one thing that cought my eye was that (just below the winner’s table ) November 28, 2011, Panda Energy sells TNA to WWE.

    it aint a jk ijust pasted that from wikkie

  • BITWx

    if you type 2012 royal rumble winner into Google and click on the top wiki link, go to history of winners and it says 2012 Chris Jericho, but i’d put money on the wwe not even knowing yet

  • bonerjams

    I am down with that, he should have won royal rumble 2001 in my view.

  • Clench

    No way in hell Kane is winning the rumble. Believe that

  • Sammo



  • 3117

    if u google the royal rumble and look up the winners, they have kane written as the winner for the 2012 royal rumble

  • MaNic

    Put the mask on! ( Clap clap clap clap clap ) put the mask on!