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Promo Nixed from Last Night’s WWE RAW, Note on Big Show’s Finisher, More

– Big Show is asking fans on Twitter @WWETheBigShow to send him suggestions for a name for his knockout punch finisher.

– Neil sent word that the three-disc WrestleMania 27 DVD set will come with WWE’s “Legendary Moments” DVD that was released as a Walmart exclusive last year. The third disc will be the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

– In case you missed it, Jerry Lawler debuted new theme music on last night’s RAW. The promo on Michael Cole that Lawler taped for Friday’s SmackDown was originally supposed to air on RAW last night but was cut out of the broadcast due to time constraints.

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  • Wellsy

    Why give The King new music at this stage of his career?! Back to his old recognisable theme please!

  • erik

    big show should go back to the final cut move he used to do.

  • Bring_Back_Attitude_ERA

    should b called ‘give me back my twinkie’

  • trevor

    i think it should be called KNUCKLEHEAD!!!!!!

  • Kurt Angke

    Knowing WWE, they’ll call it something stupid. Personally, I think it should just be called the knock out punch.

  • mark

    the trouble is the chokeslam is used by kane and the undertaker.

  • Jeff

    its stupid to forbid closed punches. I mean, its more realistic to punch someone than to slap him with your hand.

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    “entertainment”, exactly! It makes me sad, realy.:(

  • terry

    the closed fist isnt an illegal move in wwe anymore, they changed that rule a while back

  • Joe

    @CC you said it yourself, a closed fist punch is illegal in wrestling, not in entertainment 😀

  • CC

    The knockout punch is ridiculous as a closed fist punch is sposed to be illegal in wrestling. When Regal used to do his power of the punch, he used to do it when the ref wasnt looking. Granted he used a pair of knuckledusters, but the punch itself was also illegal.

  • Seth

    agree with Adam. Or a superkick, Not like he’d have to get his leg up that far. Let him superkick people.

    No, neve rmind, choke slam works.

  • adam

    screw the punch go back to the chokeslam.