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New Promo from The Shield, WWE Holds Focus Group on Divas

– Below is the promo from Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns that aired on last night’s WWE SmackDown:

– WWE officials recently began conducting focus groups on how fans see the Divas division. The focus group asked fans what they think of the Divas division now, what they thought of it back in the day, which Divas they liked then and more.

They also asked fans what kind of roles they want to see the Divas in – as wrestlers, love interests to the Superstars, dancers, managers and roles similar to that. Fans were asked what roles outside of WWE they would like to see the Divas in – hosts for other TV shows, guest stars on comedy shows and things like that.

Officials realize that the Divas division of old is gone and there is definitely a lot of talk about revamping the division in 2013.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Bawb

    Any chance WWE holds a focus group on Creative?

  • barry horowitz

    btw if dean ambrose isnt a huge star in the coming years then I dunno what WWE is looking for the guy has it all.

  • barry horowitz

    wow cant we just have this ceejay idiot banned? fuckin’ wigger.

  • Devil_Rising

    Great promo, except for all the silly camera nonsense.

  • Zedd

    The lack of Paige on my screen upsets me

  • Maniac

    Does anybody remember a lame show called GLOW? Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. It was one of the worst wrestling shows I have ever seen & I became a wrestling fan WAY BACK with the AWA.

    The biggest problem with GLOW was they filled it with drama and skits, but little wrestling. I want to see boobies bouncing and women flying in the air, then bouncing off the mats. Not to get hurt, but to get my daily quota of seeing good looking women in motion.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    How about just women who can wrestle?

  • scooter

    @MMPR 00’s Kid
    90s kid? Judging by your spelling I’m guessing thats 99.

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    BOUT FUCKING TIME!!! 1st thing they need 2 do it is call Paige up 2 the main roster. Have Naomi fly solo and put Cameron w/The Prime Time Players. Have her in a mouthpiece valet/manager role, because she can draw some more heat 4 PTP. Being az though, Rosa is still w/Primo and Epico…She and Cameron can have a side feud, since the tag teams they rep 4 are in the title hunt…and there is bad blood between them.

  • What I was saying was that they should revamp the division so people would stop complaining about it.

  • SLol (Sarcastic laugh out loud) GOOD ONE BRO! Douche.

  • poko

    Let me at that focus group. I’d love to tell the WWE what I think of their swimsuit model program.

  • xXx

    Ceejay, i think you forgot to take your meds again

  • DO IT TO SHUT THESE KEYBOARD WARRIORS UP! (Even though I’m like the Blade to yal the vampires.)