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Promotional Material Possibly Spoils Rock vs. CM Punk WWE Title Match?

As noted before, current plans for this year’s WrestleMania 29 event call for The Rock to defend the WWE championship title against John Cena. received promotional material for the DVD/Blu-ray for Royal Rumble 2013 that may confirm that earlier report. The information on the package clearly informs us that The Rock will face John Cena for the WWE title at WrestleMania 29. Posted below is part of the promotional material.

WWE Royal Rumble Synopsis

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Once in a lifetime huh?!

  • xXx

    so how will they insert taker into the cm punk scene?

  • tommy “baby seal” dreamer

    I think we all saw that coming

  • Skip Becker

    well that sucks

  • Mabry

    Cena again!!!!! damn!!!… all the storyline of CM Punk, all the great promos hes done,the great matches, Ryback´s push, Lesnar involvement, to only have Cena as champion again!!???, i rather see a new talent wining, or CM Punk vs Rock at WM, but not Cena yet in another boring main event, third year estraight (could be more, cant even remember anymore)…. man, WM29´s main event is gonna suck!!!….