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New Promotional Poster & Synopsis for TNA’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View

– Below is the new synopsis and poster for TNA’s 2012 Lockdown pay-per-view. Lockdown this year takes place on April 15th from Nashville, Tennessee and will feature Bobby Roode vs. James Storm for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

“It is the most brutal event of the year, where every match takes place inside a steel cage. TNA Wrestling present LOCKDOWN LIVE! Sunday, April 15th only on Pay Per View at 8pm ET/5pm PT.”

  • Jason

    Action can mean a lot of things, such as in ring drama, backstage drama and attacks and power plays. TNA however still has over 30 mins of in ring wrestling a week which is tied with Smackdown and nearly twice the number of Raw.

  • MJ

    T&A means tits and ass! TNA stands for total nonstop action but the action suddenly stopped for a while

  • Jason

    Bully Ray has never been better or more over then he is right now, so why cut him? I say if one is talking about cutting the roster start with Rob Terry, Robbie E and Shannon Moore

  • Bill

    The bottom of the poster really isn’t edited that well, but I’ve actually grown pretty interested in TNA as of late, & that’s coming from a WWE fan. Too bad AJ isn’t in the main event right now. Let’s hope it happens soon!

  • Nicholas

    @ Superman it hard when TNA get some facts thrown there way. They seem to think just because you talk down of Tna you are a hater. The thing is I would love for Tna to go up agaisnt the Wwe but it never will. No matter how much TNA marks won’t want to say it. TNA will never do what WCW did no company ever will. TNA was that hope they just rush everything nobody there knows how to run a wrestling company not even Eric who I was a big fan of in WCW. I though Eric being in WWE he would learn a lot but he didn’t. I am not saying WWE is perfect at all they have a lot of problems but they still push there young talent better than TNA. I wish TNA would wake up an get rid of Wwe dead weight left over it is killing TNA a company I use to care to watch. But as of right now I don’t care about anything in TNA and I wish I was interest in watching it but I am not.

  • Superman

    @umiper4life Be real friend check your history originally TNA was supposed to stand for tits and ass the company decided to go for a more conventional wrestling company the name was already registered so they decided to keep it and made the letters stand for total non stop action it’s not about me having to “grow up” it’s about you getting your facts straight before commenting on a subject which you seem to not know the history of so you grow up and do some research first

  • theMark

    Thought that was a picture of the Hardy’s at first!
    Wonder if Bobby Brown should join these two for beatin Whitney to Death!!

  • umiper4life

    Total Nonstop Action wrestling. Not T&A. It’s TNA!!!!!!! Grow up.
    TNA needs to go back to being the alternative wresting promotion, not WWE light. IMO.

  • Superman

    Anybody else hate this “Jason” if so thumbs up . Tna is ok but it needs more T-N-A like it was supposed to be tits and ass wrestling more Velvet Sky before they decided to switch format but decided to keep the name

  • Jason

    Nice poster, really looking forward to working this event. I think this will be our big start like SS in 1997 was for WWF.