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Psycho Sid Heading to TNA

– Psycho Sid Promotions sent out the following e-mail earlier today, saying he’s headed to TNA:

The Return of the Master and Ruler of the World “Psycho” Sid Vicious is coming to TNA Wrestling!

Spike TV Thursday Nights!

We warned WWE that this would Happen.

Never say Never!
Stay Tuned

-Psycho Sid Promotions

Furthermore, Sid’s official MySpace page now has a huge TNA logo on it with the words “Never Say Never.”

  • Patrick

    U know I stopped watching tna since no surrender, cuz its was so messed up I couldnt watch and now I am glad I did stop watching just in time to see it actually fall, this is why I watch wwe more then tna, vince is actually giving younge talent a push, what hogan is doing is giving his buddies a job, these guys cant hack it anymore, it was fine till he showed, rite now I hope he kills tna once and for all

  • Wrestling GOD

    I like Psycho Sid but i hate this news i’d rather that old guys like him not get another oppertunity instead of a Younger Guy and i know this is what’s going to happen TNA always does this when they bring someone in Who used to be in WWE.

  • Sam

    There were be no nWo in TNA, doesn’t WWE own that trademark?

  • Christian C.

    I dont watch TNA but it seems like TNA is the new WCW in that they are signing the old WWF guys. No its not a typo, I will forever call it WWF not WWE. WWE sounds like a pansy name.

  • luckysalt

    @Dustin, yeah you might be joking bud, but everyone else isn’t

    Can really see Hall and XPac coming in with Hogan, teaming alongside Nash and Steiner

    Wonder what they would be called though? On Sid’s myspace, he has posted up a match from a couple of months ago v Hall, and Hall is wearing an nWo top! seriously he needs to move on. Apparently Sid has been watching over Hall for months on the road together and Hall has got his act together. Be interesting to see what happens

  • thetalkingbox

    TNA is like the retiring home for old WWE/WCW guys.

    i mean i dont mean to disrespect.

    but c’mon… get some new talent and push it. thats the way to succed in this business.

  • Dustin


    I was joking, man. I was quoting his infamous botches promo on Hall and Nash back in WCW.

  • luckysalt

    I just read what Sid posted on his myspace a month ago, based on the following I can see Scott Hall coming in too

    and also hes on tour in Europe until december so Sid won’t be showing up in TNA until next year it looks like, and whos on that tour with him? RVD & Xpac, I can see X pac coming back in too
    and we all hope for RVD, well the TNA fans do

    Well… by now everybody has heard the news about Hulkamania going to TNA which is pretty big news and you know the Theory about “Where Hulk Hogan goes…Wrestling goes”
    it happened twice it could happen again.
    So now with all this happening, Business can become reborn in the year 2010
    There could be a big 3 once again, WWE, TNA & UFC.
    Hulk Hogan draws attention to the product causing all kinds of new doors to open for Wrestlers that a lot of people want to see back on TV.
    Now….I’m Expecting that WWE will be smart about this.
    This will put pressure on WWE to jump on things and go with the no brainers, The comeback storys and the Brand name talent that the fans want to see on Monday Nights where it counts.
    WWE …Vince McMahon, Johnny Ace, I’m calling on you guys to do your job.
    We are here to help you.
    we can get you 2 guys that can add Atmosphere, concept and character to your show…Something that you don’t have right now.
    one of the greatest Mic men of all time, The founding father of the nWo ..Scott Hall as Razor Ramon on Color Commentary, Not play by play I’m talking Color Commentary like Ventura and Heenan.
    Scott is Good to go and he’s ready, he already made it publicly known on several radio shows.
    and then theres the Big one…The Return of The Master and Ruler of the World…Psycho Sid Vicious Returns to WWE for the Biggest comeback story of all time.
    Just the Comeback story alone is a no brainer but what WWE will be getting is a great storyline written by Sid that took 15 years to write.
    This return is something the fans have been waiting 7 years for, The return of Psycho Sid Vicious is Voted as the top and most viewd Topic in the WWE Universe Creative Team thread.
    That in itself is proof that the fans want to see this happen, Why would you deny the fans of something like this anyway?
    WWE, The ball is in your court…The offer is there.
    Are you going to do your job and give the fans what they want?
    you don’t know what you got Till it’s gone…Use the Legends while you can and let the fans embrace every moment of it.

    The offer is here.. you know where to find us!

    -Psycho Sid Promotions

  • luckysalt

    Right, get ytour facts straight before you post, WWE have been trying to bring Sid back in for years, apparently he is in great shape, and can still work to the level he always has, and we know the guy can cut an amazing promo, Sid has everything you would want in a big man, the only reason he hasn’t gone back top WWE is because they didn’t agree with some of the things he was taking and I don’t mean steroids.

    Ive been watching wrestling for 20 years and Sid is up there with the best big men ever, alongside Bam Bam & Vader

  • Dustin

    If he has half the brain that we all have, he would probably go to WWE!

  • greybeard

    Last year, I went to a TNA show in Charlottesville, Va, I Stayed 1 hour! And I love wrestling! Lame, lame, lame. Just like Hogan, Flair, and Foley. TNA has some real talent, but they’re not gonna hang around to push the has-beens. As far as I’m concerned TNA went to hell when they bought Angle. Damn shame!

  • The Chainzter

    another thing…. why does TNA allways bring up WWE….. they allways mention them….. its like they r too worried about beating them….. they should just work and stop doing that…. don know if anybody gets my point about this.

  • stockshark28

    BTW when Joe, AJ and Daniels come to the WWE maybe they we be as lucky as Evan Bourne wow what a punching bag he has be come! Evan, AJ, Joe and Daniels in WWE now wouldnt that be WWE taking TNA outcasts oh wait what am I saying that dosent work in reverse does it!!!! GEZZZZZZ

  • stockshark28

    Very harsh does any one remeber what happened to the man damm if he is coming back from that he should be applauded!

  • Mike

    What a joke, TNA would want to re-name themselves WCW if they keep carrying on this for god sake it’s gone beyond a joke now they are making the exact same mistakes that WCW signing a non talented dweeb like hogan.

    Push the young talent, stop signing old guys!

  • Marichu Pastel

    I like Sid, but it doesnt sound good him going to TNA, because it is starting to look like WCW again. I would like to see him back, but in WWE.

  • Shawn

    I guess TNA will now be known as “WCW 2000 2.0”. And no, that’s NOT a compliment. Right before the signing of Hogan was announced, TNA was on the right track. I’ve been extremely critical of TNA from the start, but I was starting to believe the hype. They were pushing young guys and pushing aside the has-beens. Now, they’ve taken a complete 180 and I’m sure Vince is as happy as can be. WWE’s product is horrendous right now, but they’re still light years ahead of TNA – and TNA is heading backward. A shame, really.

  • Julia

    This just proves my point that TNA is nothing but a place for old WWE wash ups, has beens, or never were’s. Thanks TNA for proving my point…Thanks a lot! 🙂

  • The Chainzter

    i dont watch TNA (cant, am form southamerica), but i dont think this moves r any good. I personally never liked Sid, and bringing old timers although they bring good memories and is great to watch again, will sertenly take the spot light from the new guys. They should focus on samoa joe, aj, daniels, morgan and all of the new talented guys they got. Hope they dont give the tittles to the old guys, as much as i respect them i think their time is done.

  • Leon

    This is awesome people…Now AJ, Joe, and MCMG are coming to the WWE…I’m so excited…Daniels come too..I new I could count on Hogan and Bishoff to screw things up…I forgot to thank Vince Russo too…Now I hope Ric Flair goes their…Just to steal more tv time from the younger talent…Thank You Dixie..

  • Treg

    *sigh* ..I’m sure Brutus Beefcake is next

  • Johnny

    This is awesome the nwo will reunite adding sid tna is coming up big looking forward to seeing him return

  • Bolski

    SID!!!! YES!!!!!

  • seanwdragon

    it’s just a bad day for everyone hearing this news. I mean, who can really say they’re excited about going to work for TNA?

  • baddog_1_2k

    This is why nobody is watching TNA anymore they alienated the fans from the begining and now hogans gonna finish off the WCW conversion..AJ and Joe will end up in WWE when this mess goes under and foley will go into the hall of fame

  • Nathan

    TNA is now about to become WCW with Monday night nitro and Thursday Thunder. Not only that it looks like the NWO is getting back together after nash’s comments to foley

  • Bob Booey

    And Hogan and Bischoff said they WOULDN’T make the same mistakes they made in WCW?!

  • TheTim

    scissors (sid) vs jogging pants (anderson)

  • Patrick

    why cant tna get some guys that would be around longer, with hogan in charge I guess he will bring back more old timers then younge guns, now yall know why I watch WWE more

  • kevin

    jeez how does tna scout for talent do they put up a sign are u over 45 and been fired from wwe come work for us

  • Andrew

    TNA signing another WWE wash up? gee, what a surprise.

  • Anthony

    TNA should be re – named….Rebels : WWE Outcasts

  • PokerFun

    Remember what happened to WCW when they payed out big bucks to wrestlers who were past their wrestling primes and neglected to let the young stars shine. That being said, I like Sid Vicious and I’m looking forward to seeing if he still has “it”.

  • Chris E

    Whoa, this is great news to me. I wonder if he is just participating in the Machismo challenge?

  • Anon (the original)

    Okay my last post may sound disrespectful but what I mean is that I respect them for what they did/do, but they are way past their prime taking time away from the young guns.

  • Anon (the original)

    An old wrestler going to TNA. They need to fire the old guys IMO.