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Punk Still Wants Austin, The Miz Throwing First Pitch, Shad Gaspard News

– The Miz will be throwing out the first pitch at the Cleveland Indians vs. Los Angeles Angels baseball game on July 26th from Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.

– Former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard competed in the 2011 MTV Bullrun Las Vegas to Miami this past weekend. Gaspard drove a supercharged wide-body M3 for Toyo Tires and his teammates included actress Katee Sackhoff as well as MMA fighters Josh Barnett, Miguel Torres and Anthony Pettis.

– It’s being reported that CM Punk wants to face Steve Austin at WrestleMania 28 in Miami next year. While Punk dropped a hint on last Monday’s RAW that he wanted the main event at WrestleMania 28, it’s said that the chances of Punk vs. Austin happening next year are slim to none.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Friday Couldnt Come Sooner

    Austin wont wrestle on the same card as the Rock. nothin personal. but it would need to be its own thing. maybe 29, but not 28

  • Purcell

    I read in an article on here that Austin itched that scratch by getting in the ring during Tough Enough.

    With that being said. To let Austin back in the ring woud be a horrible decision. Let something go wrong and we could see one of the best performers of our time in a wheel chair.

    Not guna happen.

  • sandman

    ^Punctuation is awesome.

  • d

    If it doesn’t happen punk Vs Jericho get my approval. Before he left Jericho said he’s the beat in the world at what I do now punk says it a match to see who is the best

  • I wish Punk could have been around during Austins time those two could have had one amazing fued

  • TheMark

    Austin looks plenty mobile during his in-ring stuff this year. His neck probably couldn’t stand a full schedule but a couple more matches sounds good.

  • jimbo jones

    i thought i read on one of these sites that austin could wrestle a full time schedule for about 2 years or so,but chooses not to because he didnt think he’d be as good as he was. I think if the build is right and is promoted properly, he would do it and still put punk over in the match. If wwe could have this match, it would more than make up for the lack-luster card at this years wrestlemania.

  • White mark

    If he does wrestle again i hope its against Punk and not someone like superdickhead Cena.

  • peep it

    Steve will never wrestle again. He says one more match just to keep that fans with the notion of maybe. He left so he would not risk being in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Would you risk it? I think not.

  • Bill

    @Ray, I read somewhere that Austin was open to one more match. He liked Punk’s promo, so maybe he’d choose his one return match to be against him. You never know. Then again, I don’t want to see Austin paralyzed because of one more match like you said.

  • Ray

    Austin CAN’T wrestle. Why in the hell would be risk being paralyzed for ‘one more match’? I’m a pro-Austin guy ALL the way but I don’t WANT him to wrestle again. He had a hell of a career. Leave the guy alone, already.

    Besides, don’t you think he -wants- to wrestle again? Simply put: he can’t. He’d never be medically cleared.

  • lew

    If punk austin doesnt happen at wrestlemania 28 it will never happen and if wwe was smart they would do it cause they need more big matches than cena rock

  • venom

    Maybe Punk vs Austin will happen for Wrestlemania 29. It probably won’t happen for 28 because that would over shadow Rock’s return in the ring. Then again, they said slim to none. There is still that little chance.

  • Bill

    Evil Doink is right. If Vince has all the legends return on one night, then he’ll only make more money on one night. He would have different legends on different PPVs so he makes more money on more nights.

  • damn123

    wrestlemania 28 legends of the past vs current crop. austin v punk, rock v cena, undertaker v barret, and so on

  • V-R-A

    Punk vs. Austin would be EPIC…Which is why w’;ll never get it.

  • Evil Doink

    Vince (or any other intelligent promoter) would never let Austin come back on the same night as the Rock. There’s “no chance in hell.”

  • Me

    Wrestlemania 28 would be the best wrestlemania ever if there was Punk vs Austin.

  • E C DUB

    that would be awesome if punk and austin ever fought i would take it over rock cena for sure but honestly can austin even wrestle with his condition?