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Punk Comments on Kofi’s Hand Walk, Yoshi on SmackDown, JR-The Rock

– Jim Ross and The Rock went back and forth on Twitter this morning and Ross mentioned stories for a potential book he’s been thinking about writing:

“I have plenty of untold @TheRock stories 4 my book. There’s also a 1 on 1 interview we did from atop Titan Towers that never aired.”

– WWE Champion CM Punk put over Kofi Kingston today and took credit for teaching him to hand walk after the amazing spot in the Royal Rumble last night. Punk wrote:

“For my money, @TrueKofi was the rumble MVP. Spectacular moment. Glad I taught him how to hand walk.”

– Yoshi Tatsu indicated that he will be in action at tomorrow night’s WWE SmackDown tapings. Yoshi formed a team with Santino Marella on last Friday’s show.

  • venom

    Sin Cara would have slipped like Ultimo Dragon at wrestlemania 20.

  • kitkrock

    Finally Yoshi on TV!

  • Tyler(:

    @Ricardo is probably the smartest person on this forum. CM Punk is a fucking jackass.

  • Ricardo

    @Nicholas: “building young guys” is not taking credit for teaching them cool stuff. I believe he was being ironic – but all the same, he just comes across as a douche. If it was HHH or even Cena saying the exact same thing, word by word, everybody in this forum would be calling them idiots. Irony or no irony.

  • Nicholas

    LOL right CM Punk taught Kofi that move. I like Punk a lot but I don’t think Punk could do anything like that. I do like CM Punk taking the leadership role as WWE champion. At TLC he gave credit to Bryan and Ryder an now he is doing it at the Rumble. I tell you CM Punk is doing great job on building up the young guys.

  • dominic

    hahaha!! @donners that would be the botches of ALL botches if he kicked a fan in the head…WWE’s verion of Eric Cantona HAHA!!!

  • Mark

    I thought Kofis hand walk was great

  • donners

    sin cara would’ve botched it by falling over or kicking a fan in the head as he went past or something….

  • austin316

    this rumble would have been just a little bit better win sin cara, wwe had awesome plans for him, so to see a handwalk, only blows my mind to as what they had planned for sin cara