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Punk Comments on Not Main Eventing, Possible SummerSlam Match, Foley-WWE

– Mick Foley announced that WWE cameras will be filming at his comedy show on July 18th from The Brokerage in Bellmore, New York. The show starts at 8pm.

– The talk at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view was that World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus may defend at SummerSlam in a three-way against Alberto Del Rio and briefcase holder Dolph Ziggler.

– WWE Champion CM Punk wrote the following on Twitter about his match not being the main event at Money in the Bank:

“Guys.EVERYBODY is mad that I wasn’t in the main event. Especially those who have to follow me. Because they can’t.Nobody follows the killer.”

“Deal with it. I’ll work first. I’ll work hurt. I’ll (out) work anybody. Best. In. The. World.”

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  • poko


    Your presumptions make you look foolish. I’ve owned two businesses and sold them both for profit. It’s possible I’ve forgotten more about business than you will ever know.

    Now, with that established, let’s talk about your “facts”. John Cena is one of the least popular performers to ever hold the “face of the franchise” tag. Since you list it as a fact, can you prove that having Cena’s match as the last match in the PPV results in greater profits? Does it really make a difference to Cena fans? Are they not going to order the PPV if he isn’t the last to perform? Bullshit.

    You want to know something about business? Here is a tip: don’t devalue your permanent assets. Not having Cena in the main event won’t hurt his popularity at all, but it DOES hurt the perception of the WWE championship as the most important thing in the WWE. Perception is reality in marketing. If you show your customers, and that’s what we are, that something isn’t all that important, then it loses value.

    Think about the argument people are making before you lash out next time. You don’t have to rush to John Cena’s defense just because some people don’t like how the top titles are being handled.

  • Aiden1990

    We are not bitching and moaning wwe tries to tell us that the wwe title is the most prestigious title in the company yet it doesn’t main event a ppv because cena is not in it
    It gives of the impression that cenas is more important then the wwe title so if cena would win the united states title would that mean that it would be more important then the wwe championship ?!?!
    It’s absolute bullshit and I’m for one am sick of it ok cena draws and makes money but he can still be the golden boy from say the second match in at a ppv

  • Tom

    TomC, Fair point it being business decision, although people buying the product would not have known before purchase the match order and therefore I don’t see your logic.

    And also, I agree why they did what they did, but it’s a sad state if affairs and shouldn’t if been made as the wwe title picture shouldn’t be where it is. That’s everyone’s point, no need to be such a jerk over it.

  • Stephen Harper

    The thing is that im not a cena hater but it’s always got to be about him like, and they aren’t correctly pushing anyone else to be a real main eventer when they should as look what happened with randy orton on smackdown, as Christian is the only person as a face as much as him, and obviously didn’t prepare for it and all it would take on raw for John cena to go off the railings due to his divorce and raw would be screwed as no one is ready to be the next John cena

  • TomC

    It’s absolutely HILARIOUS how so many of you consistently whine, bitch and moan about John Cena. Pretty evident that NONE of you have been off of your lazy asses long enough to understand ANYTHING about business.

    FACT – John Cena remains a TOP DRAW for WWE. TOP DRAW = MONEY
    The purpose of starting/operating a business is TO MAKE MONEY.

    The sooner you all deal with and ACCEPT this plain and simple FACT, the sooner you can seek treatment for your chronic CDS (Cena Derangement Syndrome). Either that, or start watching more TNA.

  • tom

    the ppv was money in the bank!.. of course a money in the back match will main event! duuh

  • Jimbo

    Thou shalt not have a main-event without John Cena. The Bible says so.

  • Dan

    The WWE Title match should have been on last, so as to least give the impression that Cena could try what Ziggler did. Even if his music hit, people would assume he’s going to cash in, only to announce he’ll face Punk at Summerslam. Plus it made a guaranteed shot at the title seem more important than the title itself.

  • poko

    Punk is answering this as though it’s just about him, but it’s not. The outrage from fans has as much to do with the WWE title being completely marginalized and devalued as it does with anything else. That a match to determine a wild-card contender FOR the title gets top billing over the actual title itself is a travesty. It tells us that the WWE doesn’t think the championship is all that important.

    Why does John Cena even need the title? They remind us over and over that he’s the “top dog” and the “face of the WWE”. He’d be in the main event no matter who he fought. Honestly, there is only one title that matters in the WWE, and that’s “Vince McMahon’s Golden Boy”.

  • Aiden1990

    I only hope that cena is the first guy to cash in money and the bank and loses I know punks reign must come to an end but please don’t let it be buy cena !!

  • Albert

    I wanted AJ/Bryan/Punk to main event… but the match itself wasnt main event worthy so i cant complain… There was just no point in AJ being there which was a let down but if something was to happen then it would have been the main event. 🙂