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Punk & Del Rio Stats from WWE MITB, Natalya Comments on Divas Match, More

– Devin sent the following: WWE returns to the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas on September 24th, 2011.

– Former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Mike Sanders turns 42 years old today.

– Natalya wrote the following about her match with Alicia Fox that was taped for this Thursday’s WWE Superstars: “Do Not miss Superstars this week! Natalya vs Foxy. You thought our last match was great? Wardrobe malfunction anyone?! Watch and see!!!”

– Mary sent word that after winning Sunday’s RAW Money in the Bank ladder match, Alberto Del Rio became the first Superstar to win both Money in the Bank and the Royal Rumble in the same year.

On a related note from Money in the Bank, CM Punk became the second Superstar in history to hold the WWE Title, the World Heavyweight Title and the ECW Title. The first was Kane.

  • Nicholas G

    It is only a matter of time until Del Rio is WWE Champion. He remind a lot of Kurt Angle when Angle first came in the WWE. The same kind of pattern. Only thing is Del Rio is going for the WWE title. He is going to be a good champion once it happen.

  • Wellsy

    They aren’t the same lineage, but they should be.
    I think it’s dumb that the WWE US Title dates back into WCW, but the WHC (which is pretty much the exact same belt design) doesn’t.

  • Bill

    The WCW & World Heavyweight Titles aren’t part of the same lineage. Booker T is a 6 Time champion, but 5 reigns were the WCW Title, the other was the WHC. Triple H is a 13 time World Champion, but 8 or 9 of those reigns were as WWE Champ, & the others were as WHC. Austin is right.

  • venom

    Thanks Mary for letting us know that Del Rio won MITB and RR. I didn’t know that. Go join Stan can keep track of promo times.

  • blah

    The World title started when Bischoff made HHH the first champion on Raw a few years back, they just kept the same belt, Y2J unified the “wcw” and WWE title prior to that, I think it was the time Brock won the WWE title and kept it on SD, causing Bisch to make HHH champ.

  • edo.risk

    Is the same belt, Booker T, is a 6 time World Champion.
    5 were in WCW.

  • !?

    I thought the ECW Title’s lineage carried over into the WWE. As far as I know, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the WCW Championship are two different titles. For that I still think Big Show’s accomplishment means a little more.

  • Austin

    Name didn’t own shit. Big Show held the WWE title and ECW title for WWE but held the WCW World Heavyweight title. Kane and Punk held the WWE, ECW, and World Heavyweigh title of WWE not WCW.

  • Marky Mark

    Name just pwned

  • Name

    Big show also held the wwe title, World title (WCW)and ECW title…

  • kewk

    I thought big show was the first