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Punk & Heyman Tweet on the Lawler RAW Angle, JBL Comments

– WWE has come under fire from some fans online for last night’s RAW where they aired the video of EMT’s working on Jerry Lawler after his recent heart attack. Fans are also voicing their concern over the angle with CM Punk and Paul Heyman mocked Lawler’s heart attack.

Punk, Heyman and JBL have been tweeting about the angle since last night’s RAW ended. Here are some comments:

JBL: “For those whining about Dr Punk last night, I once gave Eddies mom a heart attack on Mothers Day-then set attendance record in LA! #heat”

CM Punk: “I saved a mans life. #longliveheyman”

“You people are pigs. I saved a mans life tonight. This isn’t something you joke about. PIGS. #learnCPR”

“Fact: @JohnCena is the doctor of thuganomics. I’m a real doctor, and I know CPR.”

One fan commented, “Jesus, Paul Heyman really does hate Jerry Lawler.” Heyman replied:

“Jesus already knew that!”

Another fan commented that Heyman and Lawler will never get along. Heyman replied:


  • stockshark28

    Point proven thank you! IDIOTS Barry Horowitz your the King baby the King of Idiots!

  • Tombstone

    I hate to admit it but I have to agree with @barry horowitz on this. Allthough I do believe he could have found a little less harsh way of saying it, He is correct.

    @barry horowitz—-That was a one time thing, don’t expect me to make a habit of it.

  • barry horowitz

    wow these same people that are so disgusted by this segment are the same people that whine and discharge vaginally about how they miss their precious attitude era and hate this PG 13 crap and blah bluh blah,but THIS offends you?? what about the pregnancy angle they pulled with terri runnels where I believe brian pillman knocked her off a ring apron causing her to lose her baby? that wasnt in poor taste? it was an attitude era segment. OR owen hart making jokes about austins broken neck the very night after he himself broke austins neck? you people make me sick with your moral grand standing preaching from your soap box pulpit fucking grow up.

  • DaveyH

    Of course, I’m sure Punk is well aware that you only administer CPR when the patient stops breathing, and given Heyman never stopped talking throughout his whole ordeal we can safely assume he was still circulating oxygen. But I’m sure this was purposely done as it was a fake angle within a fake world 🙂

  • Yal niggas need to shut the fuck up or stop watching WWE. If Jerry Lawler ain’t trippin. Why should yal? And @DanielTheRanter Is completly right. Yal are sensitive.

  • Andrew

    Stupid angle. Shame on WWE for turning a man’s near death experience into a mockery.

  • stockshark28

    And when you say Jerry agreed to it!! When does or has the WWE ever gave its Superstars choices its either do it or your fired what kind of choice is that?

  • stockshark28

    Sad bunch of idiots in here Lawler’s heart attack was legit thats the difference here! You do know wrestling is fake right? Lawler almost died and the WWE makes an angle out of it WOW! This is why Linda will never be a Senator even they have more morales than Vince and Linda and thats not saying much!

  • Wellsy

    It was good, edgy, controversial stuff. I miss that in WWE! It’s made people talk. More please, just to piss off the whiny Internet warriors if anything!

  • Vegtable Medley

    Stop whining people. I thought it was hilarious. This is what Heels do.

  • scooter

    Morally disgusting is the only way to comment on that segment, it wasn’t edgy, it wasn’t a good way to get heat it was just fucking wrong!

  • Paton

    probably the same people who moan because it’s “fake”

  • stfu

    you all complain about how the attitude era is long gone but this is edgey, and you complain like whining bitchs stfu

  • Mark

    who are these pricks on here putting dislikes next to the truth. This is trash tv pure and simple. WWE sinks lower and lower like its ratings

  • Davey Zoo

    I know how dare a heel in wrestling do something bad!!!

    Jerry wasn’t bothered he made jokes about himself. And he too used to be a great heel who grew up getting as much heat as possible.

  • David “Ranter”

    How the hell do you want Jericho to come back and mess with Punk again?
    Do you realize how stupid you sound saying to bring Chris Jericho back when he’s done the same type of crap Punk is currently his entire carreer?
    Do you people realize how disrespectful the crap he did was to CM Punk btw?
    Btw no I’m not crying over it I’m stating the facts and truth. These things like this have happened in Wrestling a lot and I moved past it the next day after it happens. But if I was in Punks shoes I wouldn’t have been able to move on like he did. I’m also straight edge and if someone did this to me & talked shit about my family I would kick the persons ass for it.

    Chris talked about Punks family & knows as we all do that Punk is Straight Edge and it wasn’t right to pour Beer on him. But people didn’t get all up in arms over that and Punk could’ve took it out on Chris more then he did. But Punk was profesional enough not to. Chris has done things as bad if not worse then Punk through his time in Wrestling. I like Jericho the Entertainer but will admit he stepped over the line a lot & Punk will to as its part of who they are portraying.
    ob very well.

  • Show stoppa

    gee punk youre just so mean when did they allow this in PRO WRESTLING

  • David “Ranter”

    I don’t wish anything bad like another heart attack or somthing on Jerry but he decided to come back so soon when he and all the ignoramuses from the “WWE Universe” shoulda known he would still get major heat from CM Punk.. King shouldn’t have come back at all for atleast another year if ever again to WWE. King has always been fair game for people and always will be as long as he’s in WWE.

    Also CM Punk just like Chris Jericho, DDP, JBL, Vince, and Triple H back before he punked out and stopped being as bad among many others I could name from all the way back at the NWA to Now that have done this. King knew what would happen if he came back and now he & the “WWE Universe” can deal with it since you all wanted him back so badly even though it could possibly happen to him again. But now the current “WWE Universe” and current Wrestling audience are turning into the stupidest most ignorant unknowing of what true wrestling is.

    The current people will continue to cry over nothing like signs being ripped,the stupid Jericho flag incident that has happened countless times as bad if not worse in WWE & Wresting history without all these issues yet now they can’t even when the flag was thrown at him by someone? Also the Punk hitting a fan after everyone already hit him like retarded idiots & deserved whatever happened. Also all the other recent incidents that have been “so terrible” are not that bad. Grow up you ignorant simple minded whiny little children of the current generation.

  • Buttercastle

    Ever since his heel turn Punk has been a real dick, like yea we get it you can beat up announcers and people past their prime. I kinda want Jericho to come back and start trolling him again.

  • Ricardo

    Here’s “Dr. Punk’s” idea of “making things interesting again” – make fun of a man for almost dying. Such quality TV…

  • sam

    and making things even worse they are continuing this rubbish on twitter im sure somewhere Lawler gave them permission to do the angle on RAW but this is is just pathetic now

  • Mark

    Just seen this disgraceful segment from raw. Wot the hell were they thinking in doing this??? should be ashamed of themselves. anything for ratings right. doh