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Punk Not Interested in Match Against Taker?, Triple H Training Photo

– Stephanie McMahon posted the following photo of Triple H training with the following caption, “@DeFrancosGym training @TripleH”

WWEKOF Stephanie McMahon Tweet

– CM Punk was asked at the Ohio Comic-Con in last September if he would like to challenge The Undertaker for “the streak” at Wrestlemania. Punk replied, “That Doesn’t interest me… I like being in situations where you don’t know who is going to win… Whoever wrestles in that I feel it’s a foregone conclusion… There needs to be some drama and stuff.”

Embedded in the video below is Punk’s comments at the 27 minute mark.

  • d_pooch

    If Taker is going to retire, then I think he should lose on the way out. Then it would definitively be the end of Undertaker, and winner can roll on with bragging rights. Doesn’t make sense anymore for Taker to beat any top stars this year.

  • Pewp

    Undertaker vs Kaitlin in a casket on a pole match.

  • rabid

    i think punk and taker can have a great match would it be better if we didn know who was goin to win yes but at the end of the day think of the different styles between the two of them. its still gonna be entertaining

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    Basically only thing I seen is Taker teaming with Orton and Sheamus vs the Shield i mean after the last couple emotional taker matches classics all I believe he just needs to be in a match and save the last BIG emotional moment for his retirement match

  • Sean Kaboni

    im against the match just due to the fact they want to fasttrack the storylines….garbage!! but it would be an interesting match and i do believe punk could beat him. why not think that? not one person saw 434 days as champ coming

  • chronoxiong

    Of course. Why would we want to see Taker vs Punk when we already know Punk isn’t going to win? This is why I strongly oppose for Taker to return and beat Punk. It ain’t right.

  • poko

    I can’t fault Punk for thinking that. Absolutely no one would expect him to end the streak. Cena is probably the only active member of the WWE that management would even consider putting over to that degree and we know that’s not going to happen this year–and, quite frankly, I’d rather the Undertaker retire than “pass the torch” to Cena.

  • Yeah, like his match vs. Cena this past Monday. It’s was a foregone conclusion in that one too.