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Punk Possibly Appearing at MMA Event, Vince McMahon News, Swagger, RAW

– Stan sent word that there was 36 minutes and 59 seconds of in-ring action on last night’s WWE RAW, well up from the previous week.

– CNBC business reporter Darren Rovell confirmed last night’s RAW as a storyline on his Twitter today after being asked about the business side of things and how it could affect WWE tock. He wrote: “WWE says that Mr. McMahon was relieved of his duties as Chairman of the Board of Monday Night Raw. He’s still WWE chairman & CEO.”

– Jack Swagger noted on Twitter that his arm is hurting from Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

– Titan Fighting Championships sent WWE Champion CM Punk a message on Twitter offering him two front row seats to their Titan FC 19 show in Kansas City on July 29th. The event will be televised on HDNet and feature former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley fighting.

Punk says he may attend the event. He wrote: “What hospitality! I may take you up on this.”

  • Nicholas G

    It is an end of Vince Mac era in front of the camera is what that was. An soon Vince is going to retire all together. Now it was know secret that HHH was soon to be taking over the WWE in front of the camera anybody could see that coming a mile away. I also feel that HHH is going to prove a lot of the people wrong on the internet. Thinking HHH can’t handle the business. To me I am glad that a wrestler is going to have some input on how a wrestler is suppose to be treated. Trust me HHH to me is going to be much better at running the WWE as to Hogan running TNA. At least HHH will push the young guys an makes sure those who has paid there dues still get the shot at the top.

    I am betting next Monday on Raw CM Punk is going to be getting a new contract. Even it is easy to see that CM Punk was never planning on leaving the WWE. I lean CM Punk had a lot of people on the internet fool in thinking that he was leaving the WWE. Put in fact CM Punk is going to be getting the long awaited monster push.

  • me

    Jason you’re a retard and stop stealing my name, you’re bringing faggotry to it.


  • Marky Mark

    I will admit, that SOME might say that Alexander/Matthysse was an iffy decision as well as Williams/Lara, and Klitschko/Haye might have been a fucking stinker, and Ortiz/Mayweather Jr is mostly a joke of a fight…. maybe boxing isn’t all that. Watch Wolak/Rodriguez though, it shatted on almost everything that has happen this year in MMA, easily up there with Fedor/Bigfoot Silva, Masvidal/Noons, Edgar/Maynard II, Diaz/Daley, Aldo/Hominick etc… ITS THE GENTLEMEN’S SPORT! :-p PUNK IS A GENTLEMAN IN MY BOOK!

    MMA hasn’t been my cup of tea lately, and i’ve been watching for a looooong time. I honestly enjoy all 4 forms of entertainment. Just been so really wack crap lately.

  • Marky Mark

    Punk isn’t gonna be promoted on Zuffa owned products like UFC or Strikeforce, and everything else is classless in it’s presentation in the US, well… not like UFC is classy either, but even more so then that. So go to K-1, Dream or strong style shit in IGF where at the least the class is a little higher then TFC. If i had it my way, i have Punk show up at an It’s Showtime! event to pay respect to his Muay Thai background 😉

    Hell go to Khan/Juda or Froch/Ward, even. Class it up and be a gentlemen. Not this classless, terrible judging, TRT abusing, garbage match making, horribly consolidating, injury ridden, glassjaw abundant MMA shit.

    Screw all this boring MMA crap that has been watered down to shit, in the last 5 years or so.



  • MMAeatsWrestling

    @Matt – No he wouldn’t. He is a consummate professional with too much to lose over such a trivial thing as a fan’s petty insults. If he so much as laid a finger on a fan over a verbal situation, he would be sued and leave a huge mark on WWE’s image. Come now, let’s be realistic.

    @Mark – I don’t think Lesnar’s heart is nearly as questionable as Lashley’s, but I do agree to an extent. Lashley just has every problem you can think of – poor stand up, no gas tank, no heart, no viable ground game. That’s not the frustrating part, though. It’s that he has shown no improvement. I doubt he could be even a top contender, but he wouldn’t be such a hack if he dedicated himself instead of trying to coast on his average wrestling and size (that’s more a detriment to him).

    As for American MMA, it has its faults but it at least has the top promotions and a solid case for the top fighters. I wouldn’t be praising Japanese MMA so much, seeing how it’s far beyond its heyday and so many people of note are defecting to UFC.

  • Marky Mark

    Punk doesn’t need attend some classless bush league org like Titan Fighting Championship, Maximum Fighting Championship, Shark Fights, or any other boring american MMA crap.

  • JIR

    So punk is getting free Tickets to an MMA show doesn’t mean he is fighting for them damn folks

  • Marky Mark

    I’d rather see some guy with CM PUNK sign at a Shooto or Pancrase show for 3 seconds on camera, then have the classless TFC ride the coat tails of CM PUNK, a man no less not directly affiliated with the sport.Yeeesssshhh.

    Tahaci Palace Fighting has more respect then TFC – At least they have top 10 ranked Flyweights fighting there.

  • Marky Mark


    I knew Lashley wouldn’t improve when he struggled hard with Jason Guida of all tomato cans. The only time he looked great is when he steam rolled Bob Sapp, but Sapp is one of the biggest jokes ever to compete in prize fighting, i don’t give a crap if he beat Ernesto Hoost twice, he’s a glass hearted juiced pig – just like Lashley, and just like Lesnar. I have more respect for Fujita and Takayama when they crossed over from Pro Wrestling cause those guys actually had wars, all three aforementioned fold like fucking lawn chairs when the going gets tough.

  • Matt


    “@Jason – Honestly, what do you think Triple H would do in that case?”

    kick his ass?

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    @Jason – Honestly, what do you think Triple H would do in that case?

    @Mark – True about TFC and true about Lashley. Lashley is such an embarrassment (yes I would say that to his face). Chad Griggs put a beating on him because he was so one dimensional and had no tank. So his first defeat and you would think he would work on those things… but no, he comes back somehow looking worse in victory against Ott than he did in defeat at the hands of Griggs. How his camp let that happen… I don’t know. You think someone along the way would have gotten a clue.

    And TFC, they’ll take anyone with the slightest notoriety and make them their cornerstone. No wonder they want Punk to show up. He would be amongst the biggest stars to ever be on one of their shows.

  • Marky Mark

    Titan Fighting Championship is so friggin bush league, they have put on terrible cards ever since their deal with HDNET. Go to Japan, punk. Show up at IGF card when Barnett is “fighting” Lashley again or some crap, or better yet, show up to a DREAM event, or catch the first K-1 event of this year. Something a little more classy, Punk! PLEASE!

    Don’t go to TFC to see Lashley gas and struggle against another guy who is a natural 185 pounder, please!!!!!!

  • Stumpy

    Just quoting Punk… should’ve put “”.

    How much would you pay though?

  • Jason

    HHH is a doofus? i would pay you to say it to his face

  • Stumpy

    As only a moron would think that it wasn’t a storyline. Any respectable business, and yes the Big E is a respectable BUSINESS (it just has crappy writers), would not have their CEO fired in front of thousands of people like that and then promote the doofus son-in-law to head it up instead. It is just acting you fools!