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Punk Pushes for WWE to Induct a Diva?, Sunny Leaving Rehab

– WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch says she will be getting out of rehab this coming week. She wrote the following odd message on Facebook this weekend:

“hey MINIONS!! ILL BE OUT OF REHAB ON THURSDAY AND BACK ON FB WITH ALL OF YOU! AND IM STARTING A NEW MINION GROUP! “REHAB MINIONS” ! If YOUVE been thru rehab and want to be a Minion, send your application to my inbox! Keep coming back!”

– Apparently WWE Champion CM Punk recommended Lilian Garcia for the WWE Hall of Fame at the WE ’13 roster reveal event in Los Angeles yesterday. A fan wrote kudos to Punk for pushing Lilian for the Hall of Fame. Lilian replied:

“That was SO nice of him!!”

  • False Idol

    If any woman should be inducted into the hall of fame, then it should be Mae Young!

  • Lord KGM

    yofits I agree! LMDAO A.W. earned a spot in the H.o.F, Lilian Garcia? What about Alundra Blayze? Yeah, she did the company dirty but how dirty was it really? The woman’s belt back then was nowhere near as popular as it is now. To say that she helped trailblaze a path for women to be more than managers on the mainstream level would be an understatement. Also, Austin, Any Dumas is no longer dating CM Punk so Garcia being a “jump-off” could be true.

  • Devil_Rising

    For christ’s sake people. I never said anything about Drew Carey. OF COURSE he didn’t belong in the HoF. Neither did Pete Rose. They honestly shouldn’t even have a “celebrity wing”. Last time I checked, Lillian Garcia was a WWE employee, a ring announcer. That does not, in any form or fashion, count as a “celebrity”.

    All I said was that there are many more actual women’s wrestlers and valets/managers that actually DESERVE to be inducted, far more than Lillian does. Are any of you really going to sit and argue that point?

    And even if you want to strictly talk inducting ring announcers, look, Howard Finkel has been with the company since the 1970s. He was the full time ring announcer for most WWF shows for DECADES. He is arguably the single greatest and most iconic ring announcer in pro wrestling history. Naturally, he deserved to be in the HoF, and honestly should have been inducted way before he was. I certainly never made the statement that Lillian should NEVER be inducted. But in 2013, or any time in the next several years? Absolutely not.

    If you really think my opinion on the issue is such a big deal, then by all means, carry on crapping the pants. Good day.

  • SYM

    I think WWE has to induct Trish or Lita before Lillian.

  • yofits

    NO they should put AW in the Hall of Fame.

  • Bobobobobo

    Punk wasn’t PUSHING for anyone to be in the hall of fame…
    He was just making conversation and being classy to a lady.
    Great reporting

  • Austin

    Keylo, Lita is Punk’s girlfriend and those 3 are bound to get into the hall of fame without anyone pushing for them.

  • keylo

    HEY Punk why not push for Lita, Trish, Ms Elizabeth ? or is Lilian Garcia sucking your dick now and thats why you want her inducted ?

  • sam


    what and the WWE inducting celebs i.e drew carey, is ok?? he certainly never deserved anything

  • nnac

    chyna should be inducted…. too bad shes out in space

  • Step Brothers

    For a second I thought he was going to say Chyna


    whats wrong with that they induct drew carey .. that showed only for the RR .. its great if shes getting inducted …

  • Devil_Rising

    No offense, but why would Lillian, a ring announcer whose only been around for, what, a decade or less, be inducted into the HOF?

    You want to induct a female wrestler or manager? There are PLENTY to choose from, older ones, of far more acclaim, who actually deserve it.